mortal sin

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affedilmez günah
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In Roman Catholic theology, a mortal sin is a grave matter, such as murder or blasphemy, and is committed with the full knowledge and deliberate consent of the sinner. The committing of such a heinous sin causes a complete loss of grace and leads to eternal damnation unless absolved
A sin, as murder, willfully committed and serious enough to deprive the soul of divine grace
In the Roman Catholic Church, a mortal sin is an extremely serious sin and the person who has committed it will be punished after death unless they are forgiven by the Church. A sin, such as murder or blasphemy, that is so heinous it deprives the soul of sanctifying grace and causes damnation if unpardoned at the time of death. something that you do that is so bad, according to the Roman Catholic Church, that your soul will be punished for ever after death unless you ask to be forgiven
an unpardonable sin entailing a total loss of grace; theologians list 7 mortal sins
terrible sin that causes the death of the soul
mortal sins
plural form of mortal sin
mortal sin