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Englisch - Türkisch
{i} çevre
{i} dünya
beau monde
yüksek sosyete
Englisch - Englisch
{i} world; all of society; people (French)
The world; a globe as an ensign of royalty
modified Newtonian dynamics
beau monde
The fashionable part of society
tout le monde
everyone, everybody

And when the aura of sports reaches the stratospheric level of a Michael Jordan, tout le monde takes notice. — Chicago Tribune, November 20, 1991.

Le Monde
leading daily newspaper in France
Le Monde
(French; "The World") Daily newspaper published in Paris, one of the most important and widely respected newspapers in the world. It was established in 1944, just after the German army left the city, as an independent organ free of government or private subsidies. Covering national and world news in depth from the start, it soon earned a reputation for accuracy and independence. Its writers present their own views, with the result that the paper reveals no consistent ideological outlook, causing it to earn both praise and criticism from every part of the French political spectrum
beau monde
world of fashion and high society (French)
beau monde
The fashionable world; people of fashion and gayety
demi monde
(French) people with questionable reputation; low class women, women with a questionable reputation, prostitutes