meet face to face

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Englisch - Türkisch
yüzyüze görüşmek
Face to face
yüz yüze

Onlar yüz yüze durdu. - They stood face to face.

İki adam yüz yüze görüştüler. - Two men met face to face.

face to face
karşı karşıya

Öğretmen ve ben karşı karşıya oturduk. - The teacher and I sat down face to face.

Ben anne ve babamın katili ile karşı karşıyaydım. - I was face to face with my parents' murder.

face to face
karşılıklı olarak
face to face
face to face
face to face
Englisch - Englisch

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face to face
in person; directly; in the physical presence of somebody

He sounds intimidating over the phone, but if you meet him face to face you will find he is a friendly enough fellow.

Face To Face
face to face
involving close contact; confronting each other; "the boy and the policeman suddenly came face-to-face at the corner"; "they spoke facel to face
face to face
in person (as opposed to by telephone, etc.)
meet face to face