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Türkisch - Englisch
To give luster, distinguish
To give a coating or other treatment to impart physical luster
{n} brightness, gloss, renown, a space of five years, a sconce
Born ca 1911 Frony's son, and grandson of Roskus and Dilsey Gibson in The Sound and the Fury He was the last black caretaker of Benjy Compson, when Benjy was in his thirties In the first section of The Sound and the Fury, he was diligently searching for a quarter in order to attend a traveling "show" that was in town Characters named Luster also appear in Absalom, Absalom! and The Reivers
A period of five years, from the Latin word lustrum
the American spelling of lustre (lustre, from lustro, from lustrare )
The property of wood that enables it to reflect light It depends partly on the angle at which the light strikes the surface and the type of cells exposed on that surface
The appearance and character the surface of a mineral based on light that is reflected from that surface Determining luster involves considering the brilliance of the surface, and estimating its ability to reflect light Metals are said to have a metalic luster; silk, a silky luster; pearls, a pearly luster
a surface coating for ceramics or porcelain a quality that outshines the usual
the reflected light from a coin as determined by its surface texture and quality
A metallic or iridescent effect resulting from the application of a thin film of metallic oxide
Refinement, polish, or quality
1 The reflection of light on a given mineral's surface, classified by intensity and quality 2 The appearance of a given mineral as characterized by the intensity and quality with which it reflects light
The appearance of the surface of a mineral as affected by, or dependent upon, peculiarities of its reflecting qualities
The manner in which light reflects from the surface of a mineral, described by its quality and intensity It is described as metallic, glassy, dull, etc
* The gloss, shine, or luster imparted on the face of any fabric in the finishing process * The power that a cloth has of reflecting light, for example, silk is very lustrous
the shiny quality of new metal Luster decreases as wear increases
Shine, polish, or sparkle
The shine of a rock
a surface coating for ceramics or porcelain