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Englisch - Türkisch
(Gıda,Tıp) kaydırıcı
yağlama yağı
yağlama maddesi
(Kimya) Kayganlaştırıcı madde, yağlayıcı madde, hareket esnasında birbirine değen yüzeylerin kayganlığını sağlama veya müdahale yapacak el veya aleti kaygan hale getirme amacıyla kullanılanl sıvı yağ, krem veya benzeri bir madde
(isim) yağlayıcı madde
{i} yağlayıcı madde
(Denizbilim) gres yağı
lubricant agent
(Tıp) kaydırıcı madde
lubricant, grease
yağ, gres
lubricant, lubricating
yağ, yağlama
lubricant line
yağlayıcı madde kanalı
lubricant reservoir
yağlama maddesi deposu
chassis lubricant
(Otomotiv) şasi gresi
extreme pressure lubricant
(Otomotiv) yüksek basınçlı yağ
chassis lubricant
şasi yağı
size lubricant
haşıl yağı
arctic lubricant
soğuk iklim yağı
silicone spray lubricant
silikon sprey yağlayıcı
solid lubricant
katı yağ
Englisch - Englisch
A substance used to reduce friction between objects or surfaces
{n} that which lubricates
The agent used to aid in the reduction of friction between two parts This term is used for many substances, which in turn are used in many different ways They are all, however, used to reach the same objective, that being the reduction of wear between parts In the case of engine fuel, the lubricant is added to the fuel at the factory in many cases This might be castor, a synthetic, or a blend The percentage of lubricant required in the fuel will depend on the type of fuel, the engine, and the model requirement For helicopters, a higher percentage of lubricant is required, as the engine is not in a position to receive as much airflow Thus the lubricant is also used as a coolant Bearing grease, and oils for moving parts are other examples of lubricants
A lubricant is a substance which you put on the surfaces or parts of something, especially something mechanical, to make the parts move smoothly. Its nozzle was smeared with some kind of lubricant. industrial lubricants
If you refer to something as a lubricant in a particular situation, you mean that it helps to make things happen without any problems. I think humor is a great lubricant for life. a substance such as oil that you put on surfaces that rub together, especially parts of a machine, in order to make them move smoothly and easily
A substance used to reduce friction between bearing surfaces or as a process material, either incorporated into other materials used as aids in manufacturing processes or as carriers of other materials Petroleum lubricants may be produced either from distillates or residues Other substances may be added to impart or improve useful properties Does not include byproducts of lubricating oil from solvent extraction or tars derived from de-asphalting Lubricants include all grades of lubricating oils from spindle oil to cylinder oil and those used in greases Lubricant categories are paraffinic and naphthenic
used for reducing the friction of the working parts of machinery
A substance used to reduce the friction between two solid surfaces
Any susbstance interposed between two surfaces in relative motion for the purpose of reducing the friction or wear between them
a substance capable of reducing friction by making surfaces smooth or slippery
Substance used to lower the coefficient of friction between two other materials
{i} substance which is often applied to machinery to reduce friction (i.e. grease or oil); someone or something that reduces friction or tension
A substance capable of reducing friction, usually on metal parts
oil, grease, or other slippery material put on the parts of a machine; helps the parts move more smoothly against each other
{s} that reduces friction
or emollient cathartics soften the feces and reduce friction between the stool and the intestinal wall Examples include mineral oil, docusate sodium (marketed as Surfak® and Colace®), and glycerin (as suppositories)
any substance reducing friction by providing a smooth film as a covering over parts that move against each other; lubricating a substance for reducing friction in this way, as oil or grease [Latin lubricans, prp : see lubricate]
Any substance interposed between two surfaces in relative motion for the purpose of reducing the friction and/or the wear between them
a substance, such as an oil or lotion, capable of reducing friction when introduced as a film between solid surfaces The use of certain lubricants can be damaging to semen quality and so should not be used during semen collection
an additive which facilitates processing or prevents sticking of a plastic formulation
That which lubricates; specifically, a substance, as oil, grease, plumbago, etc
loo-brick-ant A substance (normally a liquid) used to reduce friction
peanut oil
plural of lubricant