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Medicaid uses the term lookback It is a period of time beginning from the date of the Medicaid Application back In the case of an individual, the lookback is three (3) years and in the case of a trust the lookback is five (5) years If transfers or gifts are made during the lookback period, they are penalized
The number of days from the mortgage coupon adjustment to the publication of the index used in the mortgage coupon adjustment
Federal law provides for a 36-month lookback on transfers to individuals and a 60-month lookback for transfers to trusts This means that when application is made for Medicaid, there will be a question which asks if there have been any transfers made within the previous 36 months to an individual or within the previous 60 months to a trust Any such transfers must be disclosed to Medicaid Failure to do so constitutes Medicaid Fraud which is a criminal offense