live one

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A person, thing, or situation which is particularly interesting, noteworthy, or urgent

We got a live one here, he said as he speeds up in pursuit of a car.

Someone who is easily fooled, victimized, or ridiculed

There's green as in greenhorn, meaning inexperienced and gullible. Those with a pitch to sell are going to spot a live one—in this case government with dollars practically falling out of its pockets—coming from miles away.

Someone who is eccentric, nonconformist, or otherwise peculiar

We've got a live one. Kim Howells burst on to the scene last week with his first foray into university politics as higher education minister. The man best known for labelling the Turner Prize conceptual bullshit was not sounding very on-message. In a departure from his prepared speech on the launch of an NUS information campaign for would-be students, Howells started, well, rambling.

live one's life
live according to one's personal beliefs and world views
live ones
plural form of live one
live on top of one another
To live in very crowded conditions

1. It was impossible to find a moment of privacy in a flat where we were living on top of one another all the time. 2. Tokyo is a wonderful city, once you get used to living on top of one another.

fail to live up to one's promises
not keep one's word, not keep one's promise
live beyond one's income
spend more money than one earns
live by one's pen
earn a living by writing, work in writing as a profession
live by one's wits
earn money by scheming, earn a living through artifice
live up to one's principles
live a lifestyle that is compatible with one's beliefs
live within one's income
spend no more than one earns
live within one's means
spend only as much or less than one earns
live one