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Englisch - Türkisch
(Kanun) ruhsatlı
ruhsat sahibi
yetki belgesi
lisans sahibi
imtiyaz sahibi
{i} ayrıcalıklı kimse
ruhsat sahip
(Kanun) ruhsat veren
(Kanun) lisans veren
(Kanun) izinli
(Kanun) patent sahibi
(Kanun) yetkili
bare licensee
(Kanun) tesadüfi ziyaretçi
Englisch - Englisch
A person to whom a license is granted
A person licenscensed by the State Real Estate Commission to engage in real estate brokerage, either as a broker or as a salesman
A person who has a valid license A real estate licensee can be a salesperson or a broker, active or inactive, an individual, a corporation, or a partnership
An applicant who has been granted an IFTA or Fuel User license The licensee is responsible for tax reporting and record keeping
shall mean a holder of a Class LG through V License issued in accordance with these regulations
Someone who enters or remains on the premises with the occupant's expressed or implied permission
Utility licensed by the U S Nuclear Regulatory Commission to operate a nuclear power plant
one who holds a real estate license; a licensed salesperson or broker
means any person licensed according to the provisions of the Act and the regulations in part 2 of this subchapter
(1) One who is licensed (2) A person who goes on the premises of another for his or her own interests The owner of the premises must use ordinary care not to injure a licensee A person using another's land for a shortcut, as long as he had the permission of the owner, would be an example See also Degree of Care (LE)
A licensee is someone who has been given a licence to sell alcoholic drinks, for example in a pub. someone who has official permission to do something
one of the classes of persons entering upon the lands of another whereby the individual has not been invited upon the land but is tolerated
The company/individual paying revenue to the University for the right to license an invention
If an entity is licensed by or with the authority of the owner to use the mark, and the owner has direct or indirect control over the character or quality of the wares or services with which the mark is used, then the licensee’s use of the mark or a trade-name including the mark is deemed to have, and to always have had, the same effect as use by the owner
Any person whose presence is not a benefit to the occupier but to which the occupier has no objection; also, the holder of a licence
The person to whom a license is given
A licensee is a person or organization that has been given a licence
someone to whom a license is granted
A person who holds an uncanceled IFTA license issued by the base jurisdiction
Under UCITA, a person entitled by agreement to acquire or exercise rights in, or to have access to or use of, computer information under an agreement to which UCITA applies
The person (or enterprise) that is in possession of a valid certificate
The person or entity that is given permission through a License to access or otherwise use digital information
The holder of a license issued under Nuclear Regulatory Commission licensing requirements to operate a facility (10CFR61) Back to Top
shows the company and status of drug
{i} one who holds a licence, one who has been granted a license
plural of licensee



    Türkische aussprache



    /ˌlīsənˈsē/ /ˌlaɪsənˈsiː/


    [ "lI-s&n(t)-'sE ] (noun.) circa 1864. license +‎ -ee

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