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Englisch - Türkisch
{i} çimenlik

Çimenlikteki yabani otları temizliyorum. - I'm weeding the lawn.

lawn mower çimen biçme makinası
çimlerle kaplı alan
{i} çimen

Tom Mary'nin çimenliğini onun için biçti. - Tom mowed Mary's lawn for her.

Komşunun çimenliği daha yeşil. - The neighbor's lawn is greener.


Tom ön kapıya doğru çimden geçti. - Tom crossed the lawn to the front door.

Bob çimleri biçme için bir saat için 3 dolar ödedi. - Bob charged 3 dollars an hour for mowing lawns.

(Tekstil) patista
lawn party çimenlik yerde yapı
ince elek
(Mukavele) çayır, çimenlik
{i} patiska
lawn sprinkler çimen sulama aygıtı
çim tarhı
lawn tennis açık havada oynanan tenis
{i} (sürekli biçilen) çimlerle kaplı alan
ince keten veya pamuklu kumaş
lawn mover
Çim biçme makinası
lawn cart
çim arabası
lawn chair
katlanır sandalye
lawn mower
çimen biçme makinesi
lawn mower
çim biçme arabası
lawn party
bahçe partisi
lawn sprinkler
bahçe musluğu
lawn sprinkler
çim fıskıyesi
lawn sprinkler
çim fıskiyesi
lawn tennis
açık hava tenisi
lawn tool
bahçe aletleri
lawn bowling
cim bowling
lawn care
bahçe bakımı
lawn cart
cim arabası
lawn chair
cim sandalye
lawn furniture
cim mobilya
lawn green
Çimen yeşili
lawn mowing
cim biçme
lawn sprinkler
cim fıskiyesi
lawn capacitas
(Kanun) hak ehliyeti
lawn mower
çim biçme makinesi

Tom bir çim biçme makinesini bile nasıl başlatacağını bilmiyor. - Tom doesn't even know how to start a lawn mower.

Tom çim biçme makinesini nasıl çalıştıracağını bilmiyor. - Tom doesn't know how to start a lawn mower.

lawn mower
çayır biçme makinesi
lawn mowers
(Bilgisayar) çimen biçme makineleri
lawn sprinkler
çimen yağmurlayıcısı
lawn sprinkler
çim sulama makinesi
lawn tennis
çim tenisi
lawn tractors
çim makineleri
lawn trimmer
(Tarım) çim biçici
folding lawn chair
Katlanabilir, portatif bahçe sandalyesi

He was on a folding lawn chair.

mow lawn
cim biçmek
patch of lawn
cim yama
Englisch - Englisch
An open space between woods
a piece of clothing made from lawn
the office of bishop
pieces of this fabric, especially as used for the sleeves of a bishop
Ground (generally in front of or around a house) covered with grass kept closely mown
a type of thin linen or cotton
{n} a plain between woods, a fine linen
{i} stretch of grass-covered land (usually around a house or estate); glade, forest clearing (Archaic); fine cotton fabric, sheer linen
A light, fine cloth made using carded or combed, linen or cotton yarns The fabric has a crease-resistant, crisp finish
A lightweight, sheer; fine fabric which can be given a soft or crisp finish; it is sized and calendered to produce a soft, lustrous appearance
A uniform and uninterrupted laver of bacterial growth, in which individual colonies cannot be observed
Fine, thin cambric bleached on a lawn, instead of the ordinary bleaching grounds It is used for the sleeves of bishops, and sometimes for ladies' handkerchiefs
A designated area usually on the ground, usually composed of grass
A lawn is an area of grass that is kept cut short and is usually part of someone's garden or backyard, or part of a park. A plot of grass, usually tended or mowed, as one around a residence or in a park or estate. A light cotton or linen fabric of very fine weave. Fine-textured expanse of grass that is kept mowed. A common landscape design element of Western-style gardens and parks, lawns aid in giving a sense of scale and proportion. Made popular in the 18th century by Capability Brown, the lawn is the antithesis of the French parterre. In the 20th century the lawn became a ubiquitous feature of the gardens of U.S. single-family detached houses, serving to denote ownership and provide a buffer zone between street and private space
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A thin sheer linen or cotton fabric, plain or printed Pre-shrunk, crisp and crease resistant
A very fine linen (or sometimes cotton) fabric with a rather open texture
Relatively flat expanse of wetland moss usually raised above water level Contrast with hummock and hollow
Fibre: Cotton Weave: Plain Characteristics: Word derived from Laon, a city in France, where linen lawn was manufactured extensively Light weight, sheer, soft, washable It is crispier than voile but not as crisp as organdy Made with fine high count yarns, silky feel Made with either carded or combed yarns Comes in white or may be dyed or printed When made with combed yarns with a soft feel and slight luster it is called nainsook Uses: Underwear, dresses, blouses, night wear, curtains, lingerie, collars, cuffs, infant wear, shirtings, handkerchiefs
A very lightweight linen with a loose weave
Lawn is used for the sleeves of a bishop's official dress in the English Church, and, figuratively, stands for the office itself
A light, fine cloth made using carded or combed, linen or cotton yarns The fabric has a crease-resistant, crisp finish Linen lawn is synonymous with handkerchief linen Cotton lawn is a similar type of fabric, which can be white, solid colored, or printed
a field of cultivated and mowed grass
This popular staple cotton cloth originated in the cloth halls of Laon, France Lawn is light in weight, sheer, soft, washable, and is made with plain weave Made with carded or combed yarns, and medium-starch finished Lawn comes in the white or may be dyed or printed
pieces of this fabric, especially as used for the sleeves of a bishop; the office of bishop
A continuous layer of bacteria on the surface of an agar medium
lawn chair
Any chair designed to be used outdoors; may be folding
lawn chairs
plural form of lawn chair
lawn mower
A person who mows lawns using a lawnmower
lawn mower
Any form of machine, having rotating blades, used to cut grass
lawn mowers
plural form of lawn mower
lawn tennis
tennis played on a grass court
Attributive form of lawn chair

a lawn-chair snooze.

lawn bowling
A game played on a level lawn in which players roll biased wooden balls as close as possible to a smaller target ball. Also called bowls. a game played on grass in which you try to roll a big ball as near as possible to a smaller ball British Equivalent: bowls
lawn bowling
a bowling game played on a lawn with wooden balls that are rolled at a jack
lawn chair
a light chair that you use outside, especially one that folds up
lawn chair
chair designed for outdoor use, patio chair
lawn chair
chair left outside for use on a lawn or in a garden
lawn furniture
furniture intended for use on a lawn or in a garden
lawn mower
garden tool for mowing grass on lawns
lawn mower
machine that cuts grass
lawn party
a formal party held outside in the afternoon, especially in a large garden British Equivalent: garden party
lawn tennis
Lawn tennis is the same as tennis. tennis
lawn tennis
tennis game played on a grass surface
gazelle on the lawn
Alternative form of gazelle in the garden

That crumb he's got there on his lip! We call it a 'gazelle on the lawn' out home. Some one ought to put him wise; it may grow there..

moss lawn
A lawn, or a portion of a lawn, that is covered with moss rather than with grass
tree lawn
The grassy area between the sidewalk and the street
A lawn
Oak Lawn
A village of northeast Illinois, a residential suburb of Chicago with some light industry. Population: 56,182
korean lawn grass
lawn grass common in China and Japan; grown also in United States
plural of lawn
tennis lawn
grass court used for playing tennis

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    /ˈlôn/ /ˈlɔːn/


    [ 'lon, 'län ] (noun.) 14th century. Early Modern English laune (“turf, grassy area”), alteration of laund (“glade”), from Middle English launde from Old French lande (“heath, moor”) of Germanic or Gaulish origin, akin to Breton lann (“heath”)"; Old Norse & Old English land

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