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altrose kim
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A female given name used since 1940s, a short form of Kimberly/Kimberley

It will take some getting used to, a husband named Kim. She has known girls named Kim since she was a squirt in a sunsuit. Quite a few really. Kimberleys and plain Kims.

A male given name, a short form of Kimball or Kimberley

The half-caste woman who looked after him (she smoked opium, and pretended to keep a second-hand furniture shop by the square where the cheap cabs wait) told the missionaries that she was Kim’s mother’s sister; but his mother had been nursemaid in a colonel's family and had married Kimball O’Hara, a young color-sergeant of the Mavericks, an Irish regiment.

A surname, the English form of a surname very common in Korea. (김, 金)
A surname very common in Korea
a short form of Kimball ( from Rudyard Kiplings novel Kim (1901)), Kimberly as a male name, or borrowed from Scandinavia ( = Joachim)
{i} female first name; family name (Korean)
Campbell Kim Kim Dae Jung Kim Il sung Kim Jong Il Kim Chong Il Kim Young Sam Philby Kim
used since 1940s, a short form of Kimberly
Kim Basinger
(born 1953) American movie actress and former model, winner of the 1997 Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in "L.A. Confidential
Kim Campbell
orig. Avril Phaedra Campbell born March 10, 1947, Port Alberni, B.C., Can. Prime minister of Canada (1993). She taught political science at the University of British Columbia and practiced law for two years before turning to politics. In 1988 she was elected to the federal parliament as a Progressive Conservative. Under Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, she became minister for Indian affairs (1989), attorney general (1990), and defense minister (1993). Upon Mulroney's retirement in June 1993, she became Canada's first female prime minister and the first prime minister from the West Coast. Her tenure was brief; in November her party suffered a heavy defeat, and she resigned as party leader
Kim Dae Jung
born Jan. 6, 1924, Hayi-do, Korea South Korean politician and the first opposition leader to become president. He first entered politics in 1954, opposing the policies of Syngman Rhee, but did not win a seat in government until 1961. After being arrested several times in the 1970s, Kim was sentenced to death on charges of sedition and conspiracy; that sentence was commuted to 20 years in prison. In 1985, after a brief exile in the U.S., he resumed his role as a leader of the political opposition. In 1997 he was elected president of South Korea, serving from 1998 to 2003. In 2000 he received the Nobel Prize for Peace
Kim Il-sung
born April 15, 1912, Man'gy ndae, Korea died July 8, 1994, P'y ngyang Communist leader of North Korea from 1948 until his death. When Korea was effectively divided between a Soviet-occupied northern half and a U.S.-supported southern half at the end of World War II, Kim Il-sung helped establish a communist provisional government and became its first premier. He invaded South Korea in an attempt to reunify the country, but the subsequent Korean War ended without reunification. After the war, Kim introduced a philosophy of self-reliance (juche) under which North Korea tried to develop its economy with little help from foreign countries. His omnipresent personality cult enabled him to rule unchallenged for 46 years in one of the world's most isolated and repressive societies
Kim Jong Il
or Kim Chong Il born Feb. 16, 1941, Siberia, Russia, U.S.S.R. Son of Kim Il-sung. He was designated his father's successor in 1980 and became North Korea's de facto leader on his father's death in 1994. Known in North Korea as the Dear Leader, he makes few public appearances. After the onset of a severe famine (1995-98), he began to relax his country's extreme isolationism
Kim Philby
a British spy (=someone who gives secret information to a country's enemies) . He was a member of the British Secret Intelligence Service during and after World War II, but all the time he was secretly working for the Soviet Union. He escaped to Russia in 1963 (1911-88). orig. Harold Adrian Russell born Jan. 1, 1912, Ambla, India died May 11, 1988, Moscow, Russia, U.S.S.R. British intelligence officer and Soviet spy. He became a communist at the University of Cambridge in the 1930s, and in 1933 he became a Soviet agent. Recruited into the MI-6 section of British intelligence by Guy Burgess (1940), he became head of counterespionage operations. In 1949 he was sent to Washington, D.C., as top liaison officer between British and U.S. intelligence services. He revealed top-secret information to the Soviets and in 1951 warned Burgess and Donald Maclean (1913-83) that they were under suspicion, enabling them to escape. Philby himself came under suspicion and was dismissed from MI-6 in 1955. He worked as a journalist in Beirut, then in 1963 he fled to the Soviet Union, where he worked for the KGB and rose to the rank of colonel. The most successful Soviet double agent of the Cold War period, he was responsible for the deaths of many Western agents
Kim Young Sam
born Dec. 20, 1927, K je Island [near Pusan], Korea South Korean moderate opposition leader who served as president (1993-98) after his party merged with the ruling party. First elected to South Korea's National Assembly in 1954, he served there until his expulsion in 1979 by Pres. Park Chung Hee, which touched off riots and demonstrations that preceded Park's assassination. After the military takeover by Gen. Chun Doo Hwan in 1980, Kim was put under house arrest until 1983. In 1990 he merged his party with the ruling Democratic Justice Party, a move that helped him win the presidency in 1992. He enacted reforms to end political corruption, and his term was one of rising prosperity for Korea until 1997, when Korea became caught up in an Asian financial crisis
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Give help to anyone who needs it. - Her kimin ihtiyacı olursa ona yardım et.

She doesn't know who built those houses. - O bu evleri kimin yaptığını bilmiyor.


It rests with you to decide whom to choose for the job. - İş için kimi seçeceğine karar vermek sana kalmış.

Whom did you vote for in the election? - Seçimde kime oy verdin?

who is it

Who is it that Tom wants to talk to? - Tom'un konuşmak istediği kim?

Who is it that you want to talk to? - Konuşmak istediğin kimdir?

who; whoever

Hide this in a safe place. I don't want anyone getting their hands on it. - Bunu güvenli bir yerde sakla. Ona kimsenin dokunmasını istemiyorum.

They said they hadn't seen anyone. - Onlar hiç kimseyi görmediklerini söylediler.

to who

Tom doesn't know who's who. - Tom kimin kim olduğunu bilmiyor.

Who's wearing the blue T-shirt? - Mavi tişörtü kim giyer?

who ever

Luckily nobody got wet. - İyi ki kimse ıslanmadı.

No one can dry another's tears without wetting his own hands. - Hiç kimse kendi ellerini ıslatmadan başkasının gözyaşlarını kurulayamaz.

kim e bakmayarak
regardless who
kim e bakmayarak
regardless of who
kim olduğu belirsiz
kim olduğu belli olmayan
shadowy figure
kim olduğunu belli etmeyen
kim olduğunu belli etmeyen
kim olduğunu çıkarmak
kim olursa olsun
kim olursa olsun
regardless of who
kim olursa olsun
kim arıyor
who is calling
kim o
Who is it
kim o?
Who is she?
kim arıyor sorabilir miyim
May I ask who's calling
kim bilir
forall i know
kim bilir
who knows

Who knows what'll happen? - Ne olacağını kim bilir?

Who knows what happened? - Ne olduğunu kim bilir?

kim bulduysa onundur
finders keepers
kim derdi ki
who would have said
kim düşünürdü ki
who would have thought
kim gelirse
all comes
kim kimdir
who's who
kim kime, dum duma
(Konuşma Dili) It's so chaotic that nobody notices/cares what anybody else is doing
kim ne derse desin
no matter what day say
kim o
Who's there?/Who is it?
kim olduğunu biliyorum
i know who you are
kim olsa
kim olsa

Anybody could do this. - Bunu kim olsa yapabilir.

kim olursa
kim olursa
kim olursa
kim olursa olsun
It doesn't matter who he is!/There'll be no exceptions!
kim oluyor
Just who does he think he is?
kim osurdu?
(Argo) who opened their lunch?
kim vurduya gitmek
to be killed or wounded (in a brawl, riot, shoot-out) by an unknown hand
kim vurduya gitmek
to be killed in the confusion
kim vurduya gitmek
killed in the confusion
kim vurduya gitmek
be killed in the confusion
kim yeniyor
Who's winning
kim ıngilizce konuşuyor
Who speaks English
bilmem kim
her kim ise
her kim ise
no matter who
Bahtın borusu öterse kim olsa oynar
(Atasözü) He dances well to whom the fortune pipes
Bana arkadaşını söyle sana kim olduğunu söyleyeyim
(Atasözü) Tell me with whom thou goest and I'll tell thee what thou doest
Kim o
Who is it?
her kim

Whoever finds the bag must bring it here. - Her kim çantayı bulursa onu buraya getirmelidir.

Give it to whoever wants it. - Onu her kim isterse ona ver.

her kim
her kim olursa
her kim olursa olsun
no matter who it is, whoever it may be
oyuncular kim
Who are the stars
polisi kim aradı
Who called the police
sen kim oluyorsun? What are you interfering for?
(said angrily)
sizce bugün kim kazanacak
Who'll win today in your opinion