kısmen gidermek

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Türkisch - Englisch
To make less severe, as a pain or difficulty

Alcohol is often a cheap tool to alleviate the stress of a hard day.

{v} to ease, lessen, allay; used of evils
{f} allay, soothe, relieve; moderate, soften; lessen, diminish
to make less burdensome or less hard to bear
To extenuate; to palliate
opposed to aggravate
To lighten or lessen (physical or mental troubles); to mitigate, or make easier to be endured; as, to alleviate sorrow, pain, care, etc
To lighten or lessen the force or weight of
To make less severe (a pain or difficulty)
If you alleviate pain, suffering, or an unpleasant condition, you make it less intense or severe. Nowadays, a great deal can be done to alleviate back pain. = ease aggravate + alleviation al·le·via·tion Their energies were focussed on the alleviation of the refugees' misery. to make something less painful or difficult to deal with alleviate the problem/situation/suffering etc (past participle of alleviare, from ad- + levis )
kısmen gidermek