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Tom serbest paraşütçü eğitmeni. - Tom is a skydiving instructor.

Sizde benim otoriter bir eğitmen olduğumu bilseniz iyi olur. - You may as well know that I am a strict instructor.

öğretim elemanı
(Askeri) uçuş öğretmeni
{i} okutman

Üç yıldır bir kayak öğretmeniyim. - I've been a ski instructor for three years.

O bir yoga öğretmenidir. - She's a yoga instructor.

(Eğitim) Öğretim üyesi
{i} doçent [amer.]
{i} asistan; okutman
instructor of sociology
sosyoloji öğretmeni
instructor id
(Bilgisayar) eğitmen no
instructor package
(Askeri) okutman paketi
instructor package
(Askeri) öğretmen paketi
instructor pilot
(Askeri) öğretmen pilot
initial point; initial position; instructor pilot; Internet Protocol
(Askeri) ilk nokta; ilk durum; eğitmen pilot; Internet Protokolü
contract technical instructor
(Askeri) sözleşmeli teknik öğretmen
private instructor
özel müfettiş
a ski instructor
kayak hocası
drill instructor
matkap eğitmen
fitness instructor
fitness eğitmeni
skiing instructor
kayak eğitmeni

Tom'da iyi bir eğitmen. - Tom is also a good instructor.

Tom iyi bir eğitmendir. - Tom is a good instructor.

Air Force component intelligence officer (staff); impulse noise; instructor
(Askeri) Hava Kuvvetleri unsur istihbarat subayı (karargah); pals gürültüsü; eğitici, öğretmen, öğretim görevlisi
beekeeping instructor
(Arılık) arıcılık eğitimcisi
contract technical instructor
(Askeri) SÖZLEŞMELİ TEKNİK ÖĞRETMEN: Kara kuvvetleri tarafından kullanılan veya desteklenen malzemenin kurulması çalıştırılması veya bakımı için yetkili dershane öğretimi hazırlamak ve yaptırmak üzere devletçe bir gayri şahsi hizmet sözleşmesi esasına göre temin edilen bir imalathane teknik büro veya ticari ya da sınai müessese memuru
pilot instructor
uçuş hocası
pilot instructor
pilot öğretmen
threat identification; training instructor
(Askeri) tehdidin tespiti; eğitmen
where can i find an instructor
nerede eğitmen bulabilirim
where can i find an instructor
(isim)rede eğitmen bulabilirim
Englisch - Englisch
One who instructs; one who imparts knowledge to another; a teacher
The person who teaches a class component, such as a lecture
Any flight or ground teacher certified by the Federal Aviation Administration "Utah Valley State College (UVSC) instructor" specifically implies an employee of UVSC
A course Instructor will typically be the module leader, or Tutor The Instructor role has the highest level of privilege within a course Typically, the Instructor is the person developing, teaching or facilitating the course Only Instructors can change the user roles assigned to both staff and students within the Course
Synonymous with administrator; an instructor may have different tasks from an administrator, but has the same type of access to the system
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Someone who has held a USPA jumpmaster rating for at least one year and passed an Instructor Certification Course
n A person with the qualifications to teach others about climbing and climbing safety (not climbing specific)
Individuals appointed to this rank normally should possess the highest degree requisite in the subject matter area (a minimum of a master's degree) Each department, in collaboration with the dean of its college, should establish definite standards to indicate what degree it considers requisite for the rank of Instructor In addition to the above academic requirement, the individual should show promise of the ability to perform successfully the duties (teaching, research, or other scholarly activity) for which he/she was employed or which may be assigned in the future The rank of Instructor carries faculty status (LSU System PM-23)
Any cadet, guest lecturer, civilian instructor or Cadet Instructor Cadre Officer who is charged with the responsibility of instructing cadets during a period of instruction
The instructor of the course is very helpful when needing to make contact A listing of Staff for instructor means one thing, a professor has not been assigned to the class The two common reasons as to why a professor has not been assigned are the professor has not been hired or the professor is to be assigned at a later date Check the directory to find contact information for a professor
A nontenured teacher at a school See Tenure
The last name of the instructor scheduled to teach the course "Staff" indicates that an instructor was not yet assigned to teach that class when the schedule was printed
a person whose occupation is teaching
Suggest that we use Trainer as the collective term for Tutors i e Module Tutors and Subject Tutors
{i} teacher, educator, one who instructs
= Instructor, Coaching Assistant, Junior Vocational Instructor, Lecturer "A"
person responsible for a section of a course
An individual who gives knowledge or information to learners in a systematic manner by presenting information, directing structured leaning experiences, and managing group discussions and activities
One who instructs; a teacher
If you do not know the name of the instructor, please write staff If you have entered the instructor in the description box, you do not need to enter it here
The holder of a USPA Instructor rating who may be qualified in the static line and/or Accelerated Freefall method of instruction Instructor is the second level of instructional rating and identifies the person who demonstrated the ability to instruct students in both the theoretical and practical skydiving skills required to attain the USPA A License and to supervise jumpmasters
A good picture framer should also be able to instruct you in the hanging and care of your picture frames
An instructor is someone who teaches a skill such as driving or skiing. In American English, instructor can also be used to refer to a schoolteacher or to a university teacher of low rank. tuition from an approved driving instructor
Persons hired for teaching duties Instructors are not tenure track and shall be employed on one-year contracts, the contracts being renewable at the discretion of the University Instructors who have not been given a guarantee of continuing employment are members of the Support Faculty
drill instructor
The generic term for the principal instructor of fresh military recruits undergoing basic training in the various branches of the United States military, routinely abbreviated to the initialism DI; always filled by enlisted personnel (a sergeant or petty officer)

Coast Guard: company commander.

The office of an instructor
the term of this office
{n} one who instructs
An instructor
combat fitness instructor
one who ensures that soldiers are fit and trained for battle
computer instructor
one who teaches others in computers (i.e. programming, basic operation, or maintenance of hardware or software)
drill instructor
A noncommissioned officer who instructs recruits in military drill and discipline
drill instructor
a noncommissioned officer who instructs recruits in military marching and discipline
driving instructor
driving teacher, one who teaches the skills and knowledge necessary to drive a vehicle and obtain a driving license
An individual who teaches and instructs a particular hobby, skill or activity in which active participation is encouraged
plural of instructor
An individual who teaches and instructs a particular hobby, skill or activity in which active participation is encouraged See also Instructors
Instructors are defined as academics whose duties involve any one or more (but not all) of the normal variety of academic duties expected of faculty members (i e , teaching, research, and community service)
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Specialists in learning who interact through technology with students as they learn content, usually designed by course team, though quite often by the instructors themselves
{i} position or duties of an instructor
the position of instructor
parachuting instructor
person who teaches parachute jumping
paramedics instructor
one who is in charge of training new emergency medical caregivers
paratroop instructor
one who teaches new parachuting soldiers
physical education instructor
athletic soldier who is trained to coach other soldiers in order to improve their fitness
sports instructor
physical education teacher
youth instructor
one who trains the youth battalions