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Inappropriate or awkward; not well said, expressed, or done

Now, you've got just grounds for shooting me, he said gaily, and instantly regretted his infelicitous remark.

Unhappy or unfortunate

If leading a dog's life be considered a peculiar phase of human misery, the life of a Boys' Dog is still more infelicitous.

not appropriate in application; defective; "an infelicitous remark"; "infelicitous phrasing"; "the infelicitous typesetting was due to illegible copy"
marked by or producing unhappiness; "infelicitous circumstances"; "unhappy caravans, straggling afoot through swamps and canebrakes"- American Guide Series
inappropriate in application; not well said, expressed, or done
Not felicitous; unhappy; unfortunate; not fortunate or appropriate in application; not well said, expressed, or done; as, an infelicitous condition; an infelicitous remark; an infelicitous description; infelicitous words
{s} unhappy; unlucky, unfortunate; unsuitable, inappropriate
infelicitous remark
{i} inappropriate remark, improper comment, unsuitable remark
In a way that is infelicitous or unfortunate
in an infelicitous manner; "he chose his words rather infelicitously