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That cannot be measured as an integer or fraction; irrational
Not able to be measured by the same standards as another term in the context; see measurement; contrast with unmeasurable or immeasurable, each of which means not able to be measured at all, the former more generally, the latter generally due to some infinite quality of the thing being described
An incommensurable value or quantity; an irrational number

Unfortunately for Pythagoras, his theorem led at once to the discovery of incommensurables, which appeared to disprove his whole philosophy.

1. (adj.) Impossible to measure or compare.2. (adj.) Lacking a common quality on which to make a comparison.3. (Math. adj.) Having no common measure or number of which all the given lengths or measures are integral multiples.4. (Math. adj.) Having an irrational ratio.5. (noun) One that is incommensurable
not having a common factor
{s} having no common standard of measurement; not commensurable; cannot be compared, incomparable
One of two or more quantities which have no common measure
An incommensurable value or quantity
not having a common factor impossible to measure or compare in value or size or excellence
Not commensurable; having no common measure or standard of comparison; as, quantities are incommensurable when no third quantity can be found that is an aliquot part of both; the side and diagonal of a square are incommensurable with each other; the diameter and circumference of a circle are incommensurable
Having no standard of measurement; unmeasurable, immeasurable
impossible to measure or compare in value or size or excellence
In an incommensurable manner; immeasurably
{a} that cannot be measured, having no common measure
{i} quality of being not commensurable; condition of being uncomparable; incapability of being measured opposite a common criterion
The property of being incommensurable
The quality or state of being incommensurable





    [ "in-k&-'men(t)s-r&-b&a ] (adjective.) 1570. From mediaeval Latin incommensurabilis.

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