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Englisch - Türkisch
(Pisikoloji, Ruhbilim) içtepi
itici güç
muharrik kuvvet
dürtü/itici güç
{i} dürtü
Englisch - Englisch
Influence acting unexpectedly or temporarily on the mind; sudden motive or influence; impulse
The act of impelling or driving onward, or the state of being impelled; the sudden or momentary agency of a body in motion on another body; also, the impelling force, or impulse
Thrust Releasing of the energy stored by engagement In dressage, impulsion is associated with a phase of suspension such as exists in trot and canter, but does not exist in walk Therefore, impulsion is not applicable to the walk [Note: It may be enlightening to compare the original French with the later English translation of the FEI scoresheets under "Impulsion " The English translation translation of the French reads, "the desire to move forward," whereas what the French actually says is, "the desire to carry himself forward" ("Le desire de se porter en avant") ]
The state of mind of a horse when he has an august desire to carry himself forward and to comply with calm energy to all demands of the rider Without impulsion, there is no horseback riding
{i} thrust, push; impetus, movement caused by a push or thrust; impulse, sudden whim or desire
a force that moves something along
Energy produced by the horse's hindquarters from being urged forward by the rider The intention is not to speed up the horse but for the horses to move from underneath themselves by using their hindquarters
Strong but controlled forward movement in the horse
the act of applying force suddenly; "the impulse knocked him over"
a strong force or desire that causes something to happen or exist
{n} an influence on the mind or body