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Englisch - Türkisch
(Tıp) iktus
{i} vurgu
(Tıp) Nöbet, kriz (patolojik bir olayın ani olarak meydana gelmesi), iktus
darbe nöbet
(Tıp) Beyin kanaması, inme
{i} darbe [tıp.]
{i} kriz
(Tıp) darbe
{i} nöbet
darbe tıp
Englisch - Englisch
the pulse
A sudden attack, blow, stroke, or seizure
The accent resulting from the transients produced at the instant of plucking a string
1 An accent 2 A marking used in Gregorian chant that indicates groupings of notes
the stress
{i} rhythmical or metrical stress (Poetry); epileptic seizure, stroke, fit (Medicine)
a sudden occurrence (or recurrence) of a disease; "he suffered an epileptic seizure"
The recurring stress or accent in a rhythmic or metrical series of sounds; also, the mark indicating the syllable on which such stress or accent occurs (See Arsis) (See also Cadence, Modulation, Rhythm, Sprung Rhythm)
The stress of voice laid upon accented syllable of a word
A stroke or blow, as in a sunstroke, the sting of an insect, pulsation of an artery, etc