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an election campaign

Washington is awfully deserted now that every congressman is out on the hustings.

a platform where candidates in an election give speeches

I now mounted the hustings, and, without any regard to decency or modesty, made as emphatical a speech in favour of the king as before I had done against him.

{i} election propaganda; platform or location where political speeches are made
the activities involved in political campaigning (especially speech making)
Any one of the temporary courts held for the election of members of the British Parliament
A court formerly held in several cities of England; specif
The platform on which candidates for Parliament formerly stood in addressing the electors
The political campaigns and speeches before an election are sometimes referred to as the hustings. With only days to go before elections in Pakistan, candidates are battling it out at the hustings. the hustings the process of trying to persuade people to vote for you by making speeches etc at/on the hustings
In the progress of law reform this court has become unimportant
a court held in London, before the lord mayor, recorder, and sheriffs, to determine certain classes of suits for the recovery of lands within the city



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    /ˈhəstəɴɢz/ /ˈhʌstɪŋz/


    () From Old Norse húsþing in Meriam-Webster's Dictionary, from hús + þing (council, meeting).

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