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Get a job, you hippie! - Bir iş bul, seni hippi!

They're a couple of hippies. - Onlar bir çift hippi.

flower child
long haired
hippie, hippy
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High Performance Parallel Interface An ANSI standard for high-speed transfer of information in a dual-simplex manner over a short parallel bus
A high speed interface usually used to connect point-to- point Transfer speeds are usually quoted at 100 MBps (million bytes per second)
Abbreviation for high performance parallel interface as defined by the ANSI X3T9 3 document, a standard technology for physically connecting devices at short distances and high speeds Primarily to connect supercomputers and to provide high-speed backbones for local area networks (LANs)
The High Performance Parallel Interface is a network link, often used to connect computers It is slower than shared memory transfers but faster than TCP/IP transfers
High-Performance Parallel Interface
High Performance Parallel Interface - ANSI draft standard X3T9 3 (2)
A method for connecting heterogeneous supercomputers with IBM mainframes
ANSI standard that extends the computer bus over fairly short distances at speeds of 800 and 1600 Mbps
High Performance Parallel Interface, a network technology standard that specifies a transmission speed of 100 megabytes per second and allows devices to be attached directly to the network without an intervening computer
(n ) High performance parallel interface; a point to point 100 MByte/sec interface standard used for networking components of high performance multicomputers together
HIgh Performance Parallel Interface
An 800 Mb/s interface to supercomputer networks
Height performance parallel interface Defined by ANSI X3T9 3
"High Performance Parallel Interface", ANSI draft standard X3T9 3
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Toplumsal düzene ve tüketime karşı çıkan, derbederce yaşayan, örgütlenmemiş gençler topluluğu
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hippi interface
(Bilgisayar) hıppı arabirimi