hariç bırakma

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(Ticaret) exclusion
The act of debarring or shutting out; removal from consideration or taking part
The act of pushing or forcing something out

For the exclusion of animals is not merely passive like that of eggs, nor the total action of delivery to be imputed unto the mother, but the first attempt beginneth from the infant .

{n} a rejection, exception, dismission, bar
A term used to denote certain types of losses or causes of loss which are not covered by an insurance policy Exclusions may be expressed in a policy or implied by law or custom
An exclusion is a provision in an insurance policy that removes coverage for certain risks, people, property, or locations Exclusions can make policies more affordable by eliminating coverage for unnecessary risks
A provision in an insurance policy that denies coverage for certain losses, locations, people and properties
Risks, perils or properties defined in the policy as not covered
the act or an instance of excluding
The act of expelling or ejecting a fetus or an egg from the womb
That which is expressly eliminated from the coverage of an insurance contract or policy The exclusion clause may be a general statement of terms covering all policy owners and/or insureds Examples of general exclusions are suicide or suicide attempt, acts of war, or foreign travel A specific exclusion may also be added to a contract as issue Examples of specific exclusions are skydiving, SCUBA diving, automobile racing, and flying
An exclusion is used in a DTD to indicate that, within the element on which the exclusion occurs, the excluded elements are not valid anywhere within the content of the element For example, in DocBook, Footnote excludes Footnote This means that footnotes cannot nest, even though Footnote contains Para, and Footnote occurs in the proper content model of Para See Section 1 4 2 1
Specific conditions or services that are not covered by the terms of the plan or insurance contract
Certain causes and conditions listed in the policy, which are not covered
Exclusion is the act of preventing someone from entering a place or taking part in an activity. women's exclusion from political power
{i} prevention; rejection; leaving out, keeping out, shutting out
The exclusion of something is the act of deliberately not using, allowing, or considering it. It calls for the exclusion of all commercial lending institutions from the college loan program
Thing emitted
a deliberate act of omission; "with the exception of the children, everyone was told the news"
The act of excluding, or of shutting out, whether by thrusting out or by preventing admission; a debarring; rejection; prohibition; the state of being excluded
hariç bırak
rule out
hariç bırakmak
rule out
hariç bırakmak
take out
hariç bırakmak
hariç bırakmak
leave out
hariç bırakmak
hariç bırakmak
hariç bırak
hariç bırakmak
put out of
hariç bırakma