hararetle okumak

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Türkisch - Englisch
To discuss at length
{v} to sing, discourse, enlarge
A lengthy discourse on a subject
{f} sing; sing in parts, harmonize
A melody sung or played above the main melody
{i} music with harmonizing melodies; melodies sung together
A descant is a tune which is played or sung above the main tune in a piece of music. a tune that is played or sung above the main tune in a piece of music (cantus )
The upper voice in part music
To sing or play a descant
To sing a variation or accomplishment
The canto, cantus, or soprano voice; the treble
An ornamental part where the pitch lies above the main melody
a counterpoint melody sung or played above the theme
sing in descant
a decorative musical accompaniment (often improvised) added above a basic melody talk at great length about something of one's interest sing in descant
Originally, a double song; a melody or counterpoint sung above the plain song of the tenor; a variation of an air; a variation by ornament of the main subject or plain song
1 Soprano or tenor voice 2 The melodic line or counterpoint accompanying an existing melody 3 The upper part of a polyphonic composition 4 The highest pitch member of some families of instruments
To comment freely; to discourse with fullness and particularity; to discourse at large
A vocal part or parts added above the highest part and intended to be performed by treble voices along with the ensemble
hararetle okumak