second opinion

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Englisch - Türkisch
ikinci görüş
Englisch - Englisch
An appraisal or diagnosis by a knowledgeable professional, such as a lawyer or physician, who has been consulted in order to confirm or disconfirm the advice or view of another person previously consulted

After my doctor told me that my illness was psychosomatic, I sought a second opinion.

If you get a second opinion, you ask another qualified person for their opinion about something such as your health. I would like a second opinion on my doctor's diagnosis
additional advice, additional diagnosis (Medical)
second opinions
plural form of second opinion
second opinion


    sec·ond o·pin·ion

    Türkische aussprache

    sekın ıpînyın


    /ˈsekən əˈpənyən/ /ˈsɛkən əˈpɪnjən/

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