hızını azaltma

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Türkisch - Englisch
{i} act of slowing down
The amount by which a speed or velocity decreases (and so a scalar quantity or a vector quantity)
rate of decrease in velocity with respect to time
Slowing down An acceleration in which the velocity gets slower
Deceleration basically means slowing down - reducing speed A negative answer for an acceleration would actually be a deceleration Like acceleration, deceleration is also measured in ms-2
The act or process of moving, or of causing to move, with decreasing speed Sometimes called negative acceleration
a decrease in speed; "the deceleration of the arms race"
The act or process of decelerating
the process which consists of taking energy from a particle beam, analogous to "slowing it down"
Words and phrases that mean the acceleration of an object is negative
a decrease in speed; "the deceleration of the arms race
1 A decrease in velocity or speed 2 To allow the vehicle to coast to idle speed from a high speed
hızını azaltmak
hızını azaltmak
(deyim) ease down
hızını azaltmak
decrease one's speed
hızını azaltma