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Englisch - Türkisch
bunak erkek
{i} ilginç ihtiyar
argo ihtiyar
Englisch - Englisch
A male person

You are a silly young geezer.

A device for boiling water for such domestic uses as heating or washing; a boiler. The normal spelling is water geyser
An old person, usually a male

The technical term for a female geezer is old broad, but this is irrelevant, as nobody in Hollywood makes films about women over 55.

{i} old man; eccentric
A device for boiling water for domestic use (heating, washing) in UK (USA and Canada use boiler)
a man who is (usually) old and/or eccentric
Some people use geezer to refer to a man. an old bald geezer in a posh raincoat. = bloke
A queer old fellow; an old chap; an old woman
An informal term for a male person, in the U.S. usually an older person, sometimes slightly derogatory
diamond geezer
A really wonderful man, helpful and reliable; a gem of a man. A commonly heard extension to 'diamond'
plural of geezer