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A geographic dictionary or encyclopedia, sometimes found as an index to an atlas
A newspaper
{n} a writer of news, newspaper, book
A comprehensive, authoritative list of geographic features and their spatial coordinates
1 A geographical dictionary 2 A directory in which the entries are arranged by geographical location For example, a gazetteer of restaurants
A book containing an list of placenames, generally alphabetical, with their locations Some include a description of the place as well Can be used to locate a place on a map
Often used to standardise place names or to locate place names within a hierarchy These are often stored in a Relational Database Management System
A list of geographical place or feature names in alphabetical order, usually accompanied by geographic or grid coordinates and basic information about the feature, such as population or classification
A catalogue of toponyms (place names) assigned with geographic references
A gazetteer is list of geographic names, together with references to their locations and other descriptive information A geographic name is a place name or a feature name The ADL Gazetteer consists of approximately 6 million geographic name entries Each has a geographic footprint (latitude and longitude coordinates) and a class and type designation For example, ABBOT CREEK is of the type "stream" which is of the class "hydrographic feature" [LH]
A gazetteer is a book or a part of a book which lists and describes places. a list of names of places, printed as a dictionary or as a list at the end of a book of maps (From The Gazetteer's: or, Newsman's Interpreter (1693), a dictionary of place-names by Laurence Echard, from gazetteer (17-19 centuries))
a gazetteer is a book which alphabetically names and describes the places in a specific area For example, a gazetteer of a county would name and describe all of the towns, lakes, rivers, and mountains in the county
A newspaper; a gazette
{i} geographical index, book listing geographical names; one who writes for a gazette (Archaic)
a book which alphabetically names and describes the places in a specific area For example, a gazetteer of a county would name and describe all of the towns, lakes, rivers, and mountains in the county
A book describing every place name within a given area For example, a gazetteer of the State of New York would include a chapter about Chemung County Within that chapter a description of the topography, minerals, farming, climate, etc would be included for the entire county followed by a list of all towns, rivers, streams, mountains, hills, valleys, and other named things in the county For each entry a description might explain its location and background Gazetteers are extremely helpful in finding places that don't exist any more or learning how a place got its name
a geographical dictionary (as at the back of an atlas)
A database used to translate between different representations of geospatial references, such as place names and geographic coordinates
A geographical dictionary; a book giving the names and descriptions, etc
An alphabetical descriptive list of anything
A geographical dictionary; usually includes longitude and latitude of a given place, population, size, etc
A work of geographic reference that supplies place name and location information When a place name is known, a gazetteer can provide the coordinates of the place Most atlases contain gazetteers Well-known digital gazetteers are the USGS Geographic Names Information System (GNIS) and the gazetteer in the Digital Chart of the World (DCW) In ArcInfo the gazetteer spatial index is done as a grid of alpha and numeric references which is converted into a polygon coverage Places (points or polygons) are then overlaid with this grid, then sorted alphabetically This produces a list of place names sorted both alphabetically and by reference grid number
A writer of news, or an officer appointed to publish news by authority
Dictionary or index of geographical names with locations
Geographical dictionary
of many places
plural of gazetteer





    [ "ga-z&-'tir ] (noun.) 1611. gazette +‎ -eer, from French gazetier (“newspaperman”)

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