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Antik dönemlerde Orta Anadolu'nun batısında yaşayan ve bu yöreye adını veren halk
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to fidget, to wriggle around

Will you sit down and stop frigging around.

an act of frigging
to fuck

Not that we didn’t frig in the day-time too.

a fridge
A temporary modification to a piece of equipment to change the way it operates (usually away from as originally designed)

I had to put a couple of frigs across the switch relays but it works now.

a fuck

I don’t give a frig!.

to mess or muck (about, around etc.)

Be sensible, you’re just frigging about now.

to masturbate (now especially of a female)

She never forgot the day she was caught frigging in the library.

to make a temporary alteration to something, to fudge, to manipulate

The system wasn't working but I've frigged the data and it's usable now.

to masturbate
{f} (Vulgar slang) engage in sexual intercourse; masturbate; take advantage of; victimize
{i} (Informal) refrigerator
frig it
An expression of frustration similar to, but not as coarse as fuck it
Fucking, as intensifier

He thinks he can frigging sing.

Present participle of frig
female masturbation
emphasis Frigging is used by some people to emphasize what they are saying, especially when they are angry or annoyed about something. used to emphasize something you are saying when you are angry, annoyed etc (frig (16-21 centuries))
{s} cursed, damned (Slang)
An intensifier, a euphemism of fucking
plural of frig
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Definition von frig im Türkisch Englisch wörterbuch

frig heykeltıraşlığı
phrygian sculpture



    (noun.) 1926. From Middle English friggen (“to quiver”), perhaps from Old English *frygian (“to rub, caress”), related to Old English frēogan, frīgan (“to love, release, embrace, caress”), frīge (pl., “love”). More at free.

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