fevkalade parlaklık

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Türkisch - Englisch
The quality of having extraordinary mental capacity
Magnificence; resplendence
The amount of white light returned to the eye from the diamond (In other words, how bright and sparkling a diamond appears)
Property of a typeface related to its typographic contrast Also referred to as sparkle
White light reflected up through the surface of a diamond Brilliance is maximized by cutting a diamond to the correct proportions See also Fire
{i} brightness, shininess; intelligence, cleverness
unusual mental ability
great brightness; "a glare of sunlight"; "the flowers were a blaze of color"
The intensity of light reflected from a surface It is sometimes an alternative term for luminosity
The quality of being exceptionally effulgent (giving off light)
the quality of being magnificent or splendid or grand
fevkalade parlaklık