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Mary bir baştan çıkaran kadın. - Mary is a femme fatale.

femme de chambre oda hizmetçisi
femme fatale baştan çıkartıcı kadın
femme fatale
baştan çıkaran kadın

Mary bir baştan çıkaran kadın. - Mary is a femme fatale.

femme de chambre
oda hizmetçisi
femme fatale
vamp kadın
femme fatale
baştan çıkarıcı kadın
stone femme
taş femme
Englisch - Englisch
A woman, a wife, particularly in heraldry
A feminine lesbian, and especially one who is attracted to masculine (or butch) lesbians
{i} woman; wife (French)
See Feme, n
A woman
A woman, a wife
femme fatale
An attractive and seductive but ultimately dangerous woman
femme incomprise
A misunderstood or unappreciated woman

He posed as the horror of horrors – a misunderstood man. Heaven knows the femme incomprise is sad enough and bad enough – but the other thing!.

femme fatale
fatal woman", female seductress (French)
femme fatale
If a woman has a reputation as a femme fatale, she is considered to be very attractive sexually, and likely to cause problems for any men who are attracted to her. femmes fatales a beautiful woman who men find very attractive, even though she may make them unhappy
femme fatale
a woman who is considered to be dangerously seductive
baron and femme
The arms of a man and his wife, marshalled together
stone femme
Stone femme has been used to describe several different kinds of femme (feminine) identities, sometimes within a broader dyke identity or culture. People who identify as Stone femme have patterned the name for their identity after the more widely known term stone butch. A stone butch is a female-bodied person who is strongly masculine in character and dress, who is the "giver" in sexual interactions, and who does not wish to be touched genitally. Stone femme is used to describe a femme who is sexually receptive or who wishes not to touch the genitals of her partner
cherchez la femme
searching for the woman, looking for the woman
plural of fem

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    /ˈfem/ /ˈfɛm/


    (noun.) 1958. Used in Middle English, from Old French fame et al. The modern spelling is under the influence of Middle and Modern French femme.

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