tear up

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To tear into pieces

The student tore up his test after he found out his mark of 20%.

To wrench out of the ground

We tore up the weeds from the allotment.

To shed tears
To damage

The lacrosse practice really tore up the field.

To succeed dramatically in (an area of endeavor) or against

In his first year, his hitting tore up the league's opposing pitchers.

If something such as a road, railway, or area of land is torn up, it is completely removed or destroyed. Dozens of miles of railway track have been torn up The company came under furious attack from environmentalists for tearing up the forests
tear into shreds
see tear 1
tear up

    Türkische aussprache

    ter ʌp


    /ˈter ˈəp/ /ˈtɛr ˈʌp/


    [ 'tir ] (noun.) before 12th century. Middle English, from Old English tæhher, tEar; akin to Old High German zahar tear, Greek dakry.

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