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Hangi fakülteyi seçeceği hakkında şaşırmıştı. - He was at a loss as to which faculty to choose.

Öğrenciler fakültelere yan gelip yatmaya gitmemeli. - Students may not enter the faculty lounge.

{i} (bir öğretim kurumundaki) tüm öğretim personeli; (bir okulun) öğretmen kadrosu; (bir
{i} yetki
bir okulun öğretmen kadrosu
(Tıp) Üniversite şubesi, fakülte
(Tıp) Hassa, meleke, iktidar, yetenek, kuvvet
{i} kabiliyet

İnsan oğlu konuşma kabiliyeti bakımından hayvanlardan farklıdır. - Man is different from animals in that he has the faculty of speech.

bir üniversitenin öğretim üyeleri üniversite dalı
{i} allah vergisi
{i} yapma özgürlüğü
{i} imtiyaz
{i} ayrıcalık
öğretim üyeleri
faculty dean
(Eğitim) fakülte dekanı
faculty members
(Eğitim) fakülte üyeleri
faculty members
(Eğitim) öğretim üyeleri
faculty of agriculture
(Eğitim) ziraat fakültesi
faculty of aquaculture
(Eğitim) su ürünleri fakültesi
faculty of architecture
(Eğitim) mimarlık fakültesi
faculty of arts
(Eğitim) edebiyat fakültesi
faculty of civil engineering
(Eğitim) inşaat fakültesi
faculty of dentistry
(Eğitim) diş hekimliği fakültesi
faculty of management
(Eğitim) işletme fakültesi
faculty secretary
(Eğitim) fakülte sekreteri
Faculty of Arts
Edebiyat Bilimyurdu
Faculty of Divinity
ilahiyat Bilimyurdu
Faculty of Letters
Edebiyat Bilimyurdu
Faculty of Science
Fen Bilimyurdu
faculty dean
bilimyurdu dekanı
faculty library
Fakülte kütüphanesi
faculty of economics and administrative sciences
(Eğitim) İktisadi ve İdari Bilimler Fakültesi
faculty of law
Hukuk fakültesi
faculty of science and literature
fen-edebiyat fakültesi
faculty of engineering
(Eğitim) mühendislik fakültesi
faculty of fisheries
(Eğitim) balıkçılık fakültesi
faculty of metallurgy
metalürji fakültesi
faculty of open university
(Eğitim) açıköğretim fakültesi
faculty of social sciences
(Eğitim) sosyal bilimler fakültesi
agricultural faculty
(Eğitim) ziraat fakültesi
communication faculty
(Eğitim) iletişim fakültesi
dean of the faculty of
(Eğitim) fakültesi dekanı
mental faculty
zihinsel kuvvet
adjunct faculty
part-time çalışan öğretim üyeleri
associative faculty
çağrışım yeteneği
rational faculty
science faculty
fen fakültesi
comprehensive faculty
anlama gücü
mining faculty
(Eğitim) madencilik fakültesi
moral faculty
iyi ile kötüyü ayırt edebilme
ottoman faculty for medicine
(Tarih) cerrahhane
Englisch - Englisch
The scholarly staff at colleges or universities, as opposed to the students or support staff
A division of a university (e.g. a Faculty of Science or Faculty of Medicine)
An ability, skill, or power

He lived until he reached the age of 90 with most of his faculties intact.

{n} ability, power, talent, privilege, body
Adjunct Faculty - Non-tenure track faculty serving in a temporary or auxiliary capacity to teach specific courses on a course-by-course basis Includes both faculty who are hired to teach an academic degree-credit course and those hired to teach a remedial, developmental, or ESL course; whether the latter three categories earn college credit is immaterial
a fundamental power of human subjects to do something or perform some rational function
1 A division of the university teaching a specific area of study Faculties are often subdivided into Departments and Schools At UBC we have 12 faculties: Agricultural Sciences, Applied Science, Arts, Commerce and Business Administration, Dentistry, Education, Forestry, Graduate Studies, Law, Medicine, Pharmaceutical Sci-ences, and Science 2 The deans, professors, lecturers, and researchers comprising the Faculty
(1) Professors are known as faculty members (2) Departments (such as English, History, Theatre) are grouped into divisions called Faculties Dalhousie faculties include: Architecture, Arts and Social Sciences, Computer Science, Dentistry, Engineering, Graduate Studies, Health Professions, Law, Management, Medicine, Science
A body of a men to whom any specific right or privilege is granted; formerly, the graduates in any of the four departments of a university or college (Philosophy, Law, Medicine, or Theology), to whom was granted the right of teaching (profitendi or docendi) in the department in which they had studied; at present, the members of a profession itself; as, the medical faculty; the legal faculty, ect
the body of teachers and administrators at a school; "the dean addressed the letter to the entire staff of the university"
Your faculties are your physical and mental abilities. He was drunk and not in control of his faculties It is also a myth that the faculty of hearing is greatly increased in blind people
The University is divided into a number of faculties, each of which deals with a general area of study Most faculties are also sub-divided into smaller departments
A faculty is a capacity or power for vital operation Faculties are distinct from the substance which possesses and uses them, for the immediate exercise of vital operations Some of man's faculties belong to the living body, some belong to the soul These facts are the psychological basis for admitting faculties (from facere, to do), capacities (capax, from capere, to hold), or powers (from posse, to be able; the Scholastics generally use the corresponding Latin term potentiæ)
title used for a set of course disciplines eg Science, Art, Engineering
Ability to act or perform, whether inborn or cultivated; capacity for any natural function; especially, an original mental power or capacity for any of the well-known classes of mental activity; psychical or soul capacity; capacity for any of the leading kinds of soul activity, as knowledge, feeling, volition; intellectual endowment or gift; power; as, faculties of the mind or the soul
The body of person to whom are intrusted the government and instruction of a college or university, or of one of its departments; the president, professors, and tutors in a college
inherent power or ability
Persons whose specific assignments customarily are made for the purpose of conducting instruction, research, or public service as a principal activity (or activities), and who hold academic-rank titles of professor, associate professor, assistant professor, instructor, lecturer, or the equivalent of any of these academic ranks If their principal activity is instructional, this category includes deans, directors, or the equivalent, as well as associate deans, assistant deans, and executive officers of academic departments (chairpersons, heads, or the equivalent) Student teachers or research assistants are not included in this category
Staff physicians with academic appointment at a medical school The Beth Israel Deaconess appointments are with Harvard Medical School
Special mental endowment; characteristic knack
A power of the soul enabling a living substance to operate according to its nature by doing or making It is a vital capacity belonging to a living substance Ultimately, it is the immediate and proximate principle of vital operation
The speakers or education leaders responsible for communicating the educational content of an activity to a learner
A person appointed to a position defined by the Florida Board of Education Personnel Classification system as faculty; categories include Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor, and Instructor Occupation Code ranges for traditional University faculty positions are from 9001-9015, 9020-9049, 9060-9110, 9115-9130, and 9153-9179 The collective bargaining agreement currently in force includes in the faculty population all Developmental Research School (university lab school) personnel, all University Librarian classifications, staff physicists, and the President
{i} ability; aptitude; sense; skill, talent; capability; department; teaching staff; teaching and administrative force of a university
designates a Faculty, or a College with the status of a Faculty, created according to the statutes of the University As of 1 December 1997 there are ten (10) Faculties at York University
A department of learning at a university such as Faculty of Science
one of the inherent cognitive or perceptual powers of the mind
A faculty is all the teaching staff of a university or college, or of one department. The faculty agreed on a change in the requirements How can faculty improve their teaching so as to encourage creativity? eminent Stanford faculty members
instructors of higher education course work; a group term: one college teacher is "a member of the faculty"
Privilege or permission, granted by favor or indulgence, to do a particular thing; authority; license; dispensation
The academic staff of a Business School or University are its faculty There will be a group of full time faculty plus part time or visiting staff Full time faculty who are permanent staff - may be described as tenured Some senior and or particularly distinguished faculty will be Professors The nature of professorial titles differs around the world The American model has full professors and also Assistant as well as Associate Professors Elsewhere - excepting where the American model has been adopted - there are usually only full professors - who have achieved significant status in their areas of work mainly through their research Some visiting faculty may also have the professorial title - either because they have it in their own institution or because the institution at which they are a visitor has awarded it to them
Power; prerogative or attribute of office
The academic teaching staff of a university
For administrative purposes, it has been traditional for universities to combine various disciplines into groups, each group known as a faculty In many cases the composition of disciplines within faculties have tended to be similar among universities For example, one university may have a faculty entitled "The Faculty of Arts" and another "The Faculty of Arts and Sciences" The naming and composition of faculties is an internal decision made by each university For large universities the composition of a faculty may be quite discipline-specific whereas for smaller universities the composition of the faculties may cover a range of distinct but disparate disciplines In the case of Central queensland University there are five (5) distinct faculties: Faculty of Arts, Health and Sciences; Faculty of Business and Law; Faculty of Education and Creative Arts; Faculty of Informatics and Communication; and James Goldston Faculty of Engineering and Physical Systems
A grouping of award and non-award courses for administrative purposes Faculties in 1994 were: Name Abbreviation Changed name 1994 Business Commerce and Economics Design Education Engineering and Surveying Eng and Surv Humanities and Social Sciences Hum and Soc Sc Law Medicine and Pharmacy Nursing Science and Technology Science and Tech Visual and Performing Arts Vis and Perf Arts
The faculty are the teaching and research staff of a Business School Some - the more senior and accompished - carry the Professor title In some Schools , e g in America, there are Assistant, Associate and full Professors - in increasing order of seniority/accompishment Elsewhere - excepting where the American model has been adopted - there are usually only full Professors - who have achieved significant status in their areas of work mainly through their research Some visiting faculty may also have the professorial title - either because they have it in their own institution or because the institution at which they are a visitor has awarded it to them
There are several definitions of faculty Those of primary concern to the College of Agriculture are general faculty and Faculty General faculty includes anyone that is considered appointed personnel (e g , not classified staff); examples are tenure, continuing, year to year, adjunct, or non-tenure eligible) Faculty (without modifier) generally means teaching faculty (tenure track)
The teachers, professors, and instructors who teach at schools
A faculty is a group of related departments in some universities, or the people who work in them. the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences
In the US, the word "faculty" refers to a school's professors, lecturers, and instructors, not a division or department of the university
An academic employment status for those persons who have responsibility for the conduct of approved University courses, research and service Included are personnel whose appointments carry the titles of professor, associate professor, assistant professor, instructor, artist in residence, lecturers, and adjunct
faculty adviser
member of a faculty of a college or university who gives academic advice to students
faculty of agriculture
section in a university which deals with degrees regarding farming and working the land
adjunct faculty
part-time faculty
plural of faculty
Academic organisational units (i e departments and centres) have been grouped into the new Faculty structure adopted for 1994 Faculties shown in tables reflect this structure, unless otherwise stated
Authorization granted by authority; conferred power
indriya (q v ); see also paccaya 16
have the faculty of
be capable of, have the capacity to
law faculty
law department (in a college, university, etc.); law professors (in a college, university, etc.)
university faculty
professors which teach at a university, teachers at an academy; staff at a university