eskisi gibi olmamak

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Türkisch - Englisch
fall off
To diminish in size or value

Business always falls off in the winter.

To become detached or to drop from

A button fell off my coat.

A hip hop term; to completely lose the plot in terms of artistic direction

MC ___'s new album is wack - he's fallen off big-time.

Also bear away or bear off A boat falls off the wind when it points its bow further from the eye of the wind The opposite of heading up
diminish in size or intensity come off; "This button had fallen off
1 To turn away from the direction of the wind; 2 To head to leeward
fall heavily or suddenly; decline markedly; "The real estate market fell off"
come off; "This button had fallen off"
Describes either (1) a player losing their balance at the release and they lose their balance off to the side; (2) the act of the ball coming off your hand too quickly, resulting in a very errant or weak hitting shot; (3) gutter ball as it falls off the lane
A direction to the helmsman telling them to tern the boat away from the wind Use - "Fall of a bit so we can build speed"
If something falls off, it separates from the thing to which it was attached and moves towards the ground. When your exhaust falls off, you have to replace it. = drop off
diminish in size or intensity
If the degree, amount, or size of something falls off, it decreases. Unemployment is rising again and retail buying has fallen off. see also falling-off
separate, withdraw; decrease, diminish; drop off
eskisi gibi olmamak