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Englisch - Türkisch
aptalca hareket
{i} kaçamak

Sami, Leyla'nın cinsel kaçamaklarıyla ilgili her şeyi biliyordu. - Sami knew everything about Layla's sexual escapades.

{i} hoppalık
{i} macera
Englisch - Englisch
A daring or adventurous act; an undertaking which goes against convention
An escapade is an exciting and rather dangerous adventure. the scene of Robin Hood's escapades
Act by which one breaks loose from the rules of propriety or good sense; a freak; a prank
a wild and exciting undertaking (not necessarily lawful)
The fling of a horse, or ordinary kicking back of his heels; a gambol
any carefree episode
The major rally of the Escapess club held twice a year Fall Escapades are held in the mid-west (often Ohio) and Spring Escapades are held in the west Escapees is the non-commercial club for serious and full-timer RVers with whom we conducted most of our research in 1993-1994 The club's headquarters is located at its home park, Rainbow's End, in Livingston, Texas
(3 syl ) French Means literally an escape [from restraint]; hence a spree, lark, or prank (Spanish, escapar, escapada ) "His second escapade was made for the purpose of visiting the field of Rullion Green " - Scott: Guy Mannering, xxxvi Esclandre An event which gives rise to scandal "By the famous Boulogne esclandre " "Since the last `esclandre' he had held little or no communication with her " - Lady Herbert: Edith, 18 Escuage (3 syl ) means "shield service," and is applied to that obligation which bound a vassal to follow his lord to war at his own private charge (French, escu, écu, a shield )
{i} adventure, prank, caper, operation
plural of escapade