endue lütuflandır

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Türkisch - Englisch
To clothe; to endow or invest (with a thing)

Judaea greeted its monarch. He was to ascend to the immemorial sacring place of millennia of kings, there to be endued with the robe and crown of rule.

To take on, to take the form of

My transport of the afternoon, and the matter of physical contrast, made me endue the tactile apparatus of another man, any man but me, and imagine the beauty of Zip in his caressing arms.

To pass food into the stomach; to digest; also figuratively, to take on, absorb

none but she it vewed, / Who well perceiued all, and all indewed.

IMBUE, TRANSFUSE: "a mummy again endued with animation ― Mary W. Shelley"
PROVIDE, ENDOW: "endued with the rights of a citizen"
[Middle English induen; influenced by Latin induere to put on] : PUT ON, DON
{v} to supply with graces to invest
to endow with some quality, gift, or grace, usually spiritual
{f} furnish with some quality or ability; take on, assume; put on clothing, dress
To invest
An older spelling of Endow
give qualities or abilities to
endue lütuflandır