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That which emits something
The name for one terminal of a transistor
One terminal of a transistor
One of the three regions that form a bipolar transistor Under forward bias of the emitter-base p-n junction, the emitter injects minority carriers (electrons or holes) into the base region where they either recombine or diffuse into the collector
One side of a transistor The other side being a collector
One of the terminals of a bipolar transistor that is generally used as the terminal common to both the input and output sections of the device
Anything which emits, in this context, sound
The region of a bipolar transistor that serves as a source or input end for carriers N-type for NPN, P-type for PNP
Any device or apparatus which emits electromagnetic energy
Dark-coloured objects are good emitters of infrared radiation Light-coloured and silvered objects are poor emitters
the electrode in a transistor where electrons originate
A surface that emits light See light source
A small microirrigation dispensing device designed to dissipate pressure and discharge a small uniform flow or trickle of water at a constant discharge, which does not vary significantly because of minor differences in pressure head Also called a "dripper" or "trickler"
A program that creates or "emits" a kind of output For example, a program may emit XML documents or outlines
{i} person or thing that emits, person or thing that discharges
the small tube, nozzle, etc through which water is emitted in trickle irrigation
emitör akımı
emitter current
emitör direnci
emitter resistance
emitör gerilimi
emitter voltage
sekonder emitör
secondary emitter
ısıl emitör
thermal emitter