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{ç} elves (elvz)
elf child cinler tarafından değiştirildiği farz olunan çocuk
{i} cüce ve yaramaz cin
{i} yaramaz çocuk
yaramaz kimse
{i} cin gibi çocuk
cin gibi akıllı ve yaramaz çocuk
{i} cüce
elfishcin gibi
{i} ufak tefek kimse
elf owl
(Hayvan Bilim, Zooloji) Cin baykuşu

Cinlerin doğayla güçlü bir bağlantısı vardır. - Elves have a strong connection to nature.

gnome, dwarf, elf, goblin
GNOME, cüce, elf, goblin
cin gibi
i., çoğ., bak. elf
Türkisch - Türkisch
(Osmanlı Dönemi) 1000 Bin sayısının ismi. Bin adet şey vermek ve ünsiyet eylemek mânâlarına gelir
Bin sayısı
iskandinavya ve ingiltere mitolojisinde yer aldığı varsayılan peri halkına verilen ad
(Osmanlı Dönemi) Ahmak kimse
(Osmanlı Dönemi) Zayıf kimse
Englisch - Englisch
English as a lingua franca
Earth Liberation Front (radical environmentalism group)
Endangered Language Fund, a non-profit organization
Elvish Linguistic Fellowship, an organization that studies the invented languages of J. R. R. Tolkien
Executable and Linking Format, a common object file format for Unix
Extremely low frequency, the band of radio frequencies from 3 to 30 hertz
Any of the magical, humanoid, typically forest-guarding races bearing some similarities to the Norse álfar (through Tolkien's Eldar)
A mythical, supernatural being resembling but seen as distinct from humans
A luminous spirit presiding over nature and fertility and dwelling in the world of Álfheim (Elfland). Compare angel, nymph, fairy
{n} a fairy, a devil
very low-frequency electromagnetic radiation emitted by electrical appliances
Extremely-low frequency: Frequencies ranging from 3Hz to 3 KHz
Abbreviation of Extended Layer Framework This is the framework used in MEL to define interfaces Interfaces are designed by creating layouts to which controls are then attached The framework supports arbitrary nesting of layouts and controls
Any non-human magical humanoid Some elves have complex societies, advanced civilizations, and strict magical traditions Most elves have pointed ears and are tall in stature
The Executable and Linking Format The object file format used on most modern Unix systems, including GNU/Linux, Solaris, Irix, and SVR4 Also used on many embedded systems
One of the common races Elves are short and slim, standing about 4-1/2 to 5-1/2 feet tall and typically weighing 85 to 135 pounds, with elven men the same height as and only marginally heavier than elven women Elves are graceful but frail They tend to be pale-skinned and dark-haired, with deep green eyes and no facial or body hair Elves possess unearthly grace and fine features Many humans and members of other races find them hauntingly beautiful Elves are well known for their poetry, dance, song, lore, and magical arts When danger threatens their homes, however, they reveal a more martial side, demonstrating skill with sword, bow, and battle strategy
Executable Linking Format The ELF 64 object file format is used for 64-bit object files in HP-UX 11 x ELF 64 is based on the 32-bit industry standard object file format developed and published by the UNIX Systems Laboratory The SOM format is used for 32-bit HP-UX 10 x and 11 0 See also: SOM
(Electronic Library Form)
(Executable and Linkable Format) object file format designed by the Unix System Laboratories is now firmly established as the most commonly used format in Linux
Extremely Low Frequency Frequencies from 30 Hz to 300 Hz
The Elf is the person in charge of Chelsea It is his or her job to distribute parts, announce scripts, read scene descriptions and so on
{i} small mischievous creature (also about a child); fairy, sprite, gnome (Folklore)
Originally, this word was used to describe all kinds of fairies, especially tiny humans In England, the word elf was used for fairy boys Elves are sometimes described as being good, but are often described as causing trouble for humans They live in forests and woods Of course, some elves live in the North Pole, where they are famous for making toys (just like Fixit, the angry elf!)
This fish species attain 1 2 m and 14 4 kg They spawn off the Natal coast from September to December Closed season in Natal includes September to November in an attempt to conserve stock Elf are delicious eating, both fresh and smoked
Never?Logic framework specification language, not executable?
A very diminutive person; a dwarf
Any of the magical, humanoid, typically forest-guarding races bearing some similarities to the Norse álfar (through Tolkiens Eldar)
In fairy stories, elves are small magical beings who play tricks on people. extremely low frequency. elves an imaginary creature like a small person with pointed ears and magical powers fairy, pixie pixie
ELF is also the standard binary format for Linux With this format it is easier, for example, to create "shared libraries" than with the old a out format For background information, refer to the Howto /usr/share/doc/howto/en/ELF-HOWTO gz
Executable and Linking Format This is the binary format used by most Linux distributions nowadays
ELF refers to Executable and Link Format, which is the well-documented and available file format for Linux/UNIX executables Trend products detect malicious code for Linux/UNIX as "ELF_Virusname "
An imaginary supernatural being, commonly a little sprite, much like a fairy; a mythological diminutive spirit, supposed to haunt hills and wild places, and generally represented as delighting in mischievous tricks
Extremely Low Frequency electronics intelligence
  Abbreviation for extremely low frequency
(folklore) fairies that are somewhat mischievous
Extremely Low Frequency
plural form is Elves - a Norse species of Faerie - German and Middle English form of 'Faerie' - a term for rural faeries - there are two types of true Elf: the Light Elves which live in the air and are benign and happy, and the Dark Elves which are swarthy and live underground and tend to be evil and blighting
below 300 Hz
below 3 kilohertz
To entangle mischievously, as an elf might do
elf cup
apothecium of a fungus of the family Pezizaceae
elf fire
{i} ignis fatuus
dark elf
A race of elves
dark elf
A male ancestral spirit who may protect the people. They are generally light-avoiding, though not necessarily subterranean
dark elf
A dwarf, ancestor, or underground dwelling nature spirit in Heathenry
dark elf
One of a race of elves who live underground, and often but not always correlated with the dwarves
A person who is half elven and half human by birth
A nature spirit of trees or woodland which is revered in Heathenry
usually good-naturedly mischievous; "perpetrated a practical joke with elfin delight"; "elvish tricks"
{s} elf-like; mischievous, playful, sprightly; strangely beautiful or magical elflike (also elvish)
Of or relating to the elves; elflike; implike; weird; scarcely human; mischievous, as though caused by elves
Characteristic of an elf
Elves is the plural of elf. Plural of elf. the plural of elf
an acronym for emissions of light and very low frequency perturbations due to electromagnetic pulse sources; extremely bright extremely short (less than a msec) electrical flashes forming a huge ring (up to 400 km diameter) in the ionosphere
{i} spirits of the dead who brought fertility (mainly in Teutonic and Norse folklore)
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The princess fell in love with an Elven prince. - Prenses bir Elf prensine aşık oldu.