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Englisch - Türkisch

Firma eğitsel kitaplar yayınlıyor. - The firm publishes educational books.


Biz konuyu eğitimsel bir bakış açısından tartıştık. - We discussed the matter from an educational point of view.

Bir eğitimsel psikolog tanıyorum ve ondan nefret ediyorum. - I know an educational psychologist and I hate her.

{s} eğitici

Tom saygın bir eğitici psikoloktur. - Tom is a respected educational psychologist.

Saha gezisini çok eğitici buldum. - I found the field trip very educational.


Televizyon önemli bir kültür kaynağı olabilir, ve eğitim yayınlarına birçok okulda değer verilmektedir. - Television could be an important source of culture, and its educational broadcasts are valued in many schools.

En sevdiğiniz TV eğitim programı nedir? - What's your favorite educational TV program?

{s} eğitimle ilgili

Amacımız öncelikle eğitimle ilgili. - Our goal is primarily educational.

educational administration
eğitim yönetimi
educational assistance
eğitim yardımı
educational background
öğrenim durumu
educational background
(Konuşma Dili) eğitim geçmişi
educational broadcast
eğitim yayını
educational change
eğitimde değişiklik
educational counseling
eğitim danışmanlığı
educational environment
eğitim ortamı
educational equalization
eğitim eşitliği
educational exchanges
eğitim mübadelesi
educational innovations
eğitimde yenilikler
educational planning
eğitim planlaması
educational policy
eğitim politikası
educational psychology
egitim psikolojisi
educational sciences
eğitim bilimleri
educational software
(Bilgisayar) eğitim yazılımı
educational status
(Eğitim) eğitim durumu
educational technology
(Bilgisayar,Eğitim) eğitim teknolojisi
educational testing service
(Eğitim) eğitici test hizmeti
educational toys
(Eğitim) eğitici oyuncaklar
educational background
öğrenim geçmişi
educational committee
öğretim kurulu
educational consultant
Eğitim danışmanı
educational objective
eğitim amacı
educational objectives
eğitim hedefleri
educational policy
eğitim sigortası poliçesi
educational psychology
Eğitim psikolojisi
educational tariff
iç endüstriyi koruyan gümrük tarifesi
educational age
eğitim yaşı
educational attainment
eğitimsel kazanım
educational biology
(Biyoloji) eğitim biyolojisi
educational broadcast
egitim yayini
educational campaign
(Eğitim) eğitim seferberliği
educational costs
(Ticaret) eğitim masrafları
educational indicators
eğitim göstergeleri
educational indicators
eğitimsel göstergeler
educational institution
eğitim öğretim kurumu
educational institution
eğitim ve öğretim kurumu
educational level
eğitim düzeyi
educational linguistics
(Dilbilim) eğitim dilbilimi
educational literature
eğitim edebiyatı
educational misery
eğitim boşluğu
educational software
egitim yazilimi
educational statistics
(Eğitim) eğitim istatistikleri
educational surveys
(Eğitim) eğitim incelemeleri
educational surveys
eğitim araştırmaları
educational tariff
(Ticaret) terbiye edici tarife
educational technology
educational therapy
eğitim terapisi
terbiye bakımından
eğitim yönünden
co educational
co eğitim
Karma (eğitim)
United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization
(Askeri) BM Eğitim, Bilim ve Kültür Teşkilatı
general educational development test
(Askeri) GENEL ÖĞRETİM GELİŞTİRME TESTLERİ: Bir şahsın lise veya kolejlerde edindiği bilgiye nispetle bugünkü bilgisini ölçmek için yapılan geniş bir test
Englisch - Englisch
Instructive, or helping to educate
Of, or relating to education
A free (or low cost) trip for travel consultants, provided by a travel operator or airline as a means of promoting their service. A fam trip
relating to the process of education; "educational psychology
Includes all elementary schools, jr highs and high schools, community colleges and Arizona State University
Services or supplies for which the primary purpose is to provide the patient with
providing knowledge; "an educational film"
relating to the process of education; "educational psychology"
An educational experience teaches you something. The staff should make sure the kids have an enjoyable and educational day. = instructive
Of or pertaining to education
programs are considered "educational" if they are planned learning experiences designed to bring about changes in knowledge, skills, or attitudes which contribute directly to the competent practice of librarianship Continuing education credit may be obtained for educational programs by applying to the Certification Specialist
Educational matters or institutions are concerned with or relate to education. the British educational system. pupils with special educational needs. + educationally edu·ca·tion·al·ly educationally sound ideas for managing classrooms
{s} pertaining to education, instructive, used in the educational process
Leave without pay for educational purposes
providing knowledge; "an educational film" relating to the process of education; "educational psychology
Describes programming which is part of an educational programme linked with a defined curriculum
educational technology
The use of technology to improve teaching and learning
educational computer program
computer program that contains educational material
educational counselling
guidance concerning educational options
educational counselor
one who provides educational counseling, one who offers guidance about educational options
educational enterprise
educational project, project designed to promote education
educational film
instructive film, film containing educational material
educational films project
production of educational films for the education system
educational game
game for children intended to provide a learning experience as well as enjoyment
educational institution
Means an approved, accredited, or licensed public or nonprofit institution, facility, entity, or organization conducting educational programs, including research for any such programs, such as a child care center, school, college, university, school for the mentally retarded, school for the physically handicapped or educational radio or television station
educational institution
an institution dedicated to education
educational institution
establishment dedicated to educating people (school, etc.)
educational institution
For the purposes of this project, this term refers to an institution that is 1) an accredited primary or secondary school, 2) an institution of higher education as defined by Section 61 003, Education Code, 3) a private institution of higher education accredited by a recognized accrediting agency as defined by Section 61 003, Education Code, 4) the Texas Education Agency and its successors and assigns, 5) a regional education service center established and operated in accordance with Chapter 8, Education Code, 6) the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and its successors and assigns, 7) a public library or regional library system as defined by Section 441 122, Government Code, or 8) a library operated by an institution of higher education or a school district
educational institution
any public or private school, college or university, or other secondary or post secondary educational establishment
educational institution
Any establishment providing education, including schools,colleges,universities and institutes
educational institution
An approved, accredited, or licensed public or nonprofit institution or facility, entity, or organization conducting educational programs, including research for any such programs, such as a child care center, school, college, university, school for the mentally retarded, school for the physically handicapped, or an educational radio or television station
educational means
educational methods
educational message
instructive message
educational planning
planning of an educational system
educational program
course or class designed to teach a particular subject or skill
educational program
a program for providing education
educational psychology
Educational psychology is the area of psychology that is concerned with the study and assessment of teaching methods, and with helping individual pupils who have educational problems. + educational psychologist educational psychologists edu·ca·tion·al psy·cholo·gist An assessment by an independent educational psychologist was essential. Branch of psychology concerned with the learning processes and psychological issues associated with the teaching and training of students. The educational psychologist studies the cognitive development of students and the various factors involved in learning, including aptitude and learning measurement, the creative process, and the motivational forces that influence student-teacher dynamics. Two early leaders in the field were G. Stanley Hall and Edward L. Thorndike. See also school psychology
educational quotient
A measure of the effectiveness of an educational system, based on factors such as funding, graduation rate, standardized test scores, and student to teacher ratio
educational reform
change or modification of an educational system
educational software
educational computer programs, instructional program for the computer
educational system
system of teaching students within a population
educational technology
Includes all components of informational technology used in the delivery of educational materials
educational technology
Using multimedia technologies or audiovisual aids as a tool to enhance the teaching and learning process
educational technology
Year term introduced at 1969 Systematic identification, development, organization, or utilization of educational resources and/or the management of these processes - occasionally used in a more limited sense to describe the use of equipment- oriented techniques or audiovisual aids in educational settings
educational technology
A complex, integrated process involving people, procedures, ideas, devices, and organization, for analyzing problems, and devising, implementing, evaluating and managing solutions to those problems, involved in all aspects of human learning
educational television
television providing instruction for children
Scientific and Cultural Organization United Nations Educational
in full United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization Specialized agency of the UN, created in 1946 to aid peace by promoting international cooperation in education, science, and culture. It supports member states' efforts to eliminate illiteracy, encouraging the extension of free education, and acts as a clearinghouse for the exchange of ideas and knowledge. In 1972 it sponsored an international agreement to establish a World Heritage list of cultural sites and natural areas that would enjoy government protection (see World Heritage site). In 1984 the U.S. withdrew from UNESCO to protest what it considered the agency's anti-Western approach to cultural issues; the United Kingdom and Singapore withdrew a year later. The United Kingdom rejoined in 1997, and the U.S. followed suit in 2003
United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization
{i} committee of the United Nations which deals with issues of education and culture throughout the world
Workers' Educational Association
the full name of the WEA
A co-educational school, college, or university is attended by both boys and girls. The college has been co-educational since 1971
learning, instruction, imparting of knowledge
from an educational standpoint, instructionally, informatively
in an educational manner; "the assistant masters formed a committee of their own to consider what could be done educationally for the town
In an educational manner
united nations educational scientific and cultural organization
an agency of the United Nations that promotes education and communication and the arts