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A self-paced learning exercise; a lesson prepared so that a student can learn at their own speed, at their convenience
Of or pertaining to a tutor; belonging to, or exercised by, a tutor
Interactive class taught by a tutor to students at university or college, individually or in small groups
A hard copy or online manual that teaches you about a software application by providing step-by-step instructions for performing sample tasks
{i} lesson given by a tutor, lesson administered by a private teacher; manual or guide that provides instructions for and demonstrations of the use of a program or programming language (Computers)
Tutorial means relating to a tutor or tutors, especially one at a university or college. the tutorial staff. relating to a tutor or their work
(tew-tor-ree-al) A tutorial is a period of instruction for one or more students, either individually or in small groups, undertaken by a tutor
A mode of instruction that presents content, checks understanding or performance, and continues on to the next relevant selection of content Tutorials may be linear or branched
{s} of or relating to special instruction; pertaining to a tutor
A hands-on guide to a database or other subject of study
College-based teaching, typically in pairs
A small discussion group (sometimes called a seminar) that is of assessed fi nancial need Forms of financial assistance include: a break-out from a large section of a course
In a university or college, a tutorial is a regular meeting between a tutor and one or several students, for discussion of a subject that is being studied. teaching in small tutorial groups
a session of intensive tuition given by a tutor to an individual or to a small number of students
A module supplement providing further assistance in acquiring skills In the materials by Reif, Brackett and Larkin, this supplement includes instruction deemed necessary for all learners as well as instruction for special cases
Computer-assisted instruction, usually divided into sections, on how to use a certain kind of software When you have never used a software before, or when clicking on "Help" is not answering your question(s), see if there is a tutorial you can take I D Weeks Library provides access to some tutorials covering a wide variety of software applications
A computer-assisted instruction technique in which new information is introduced on a step-by-step basis with frequent quizzes given to ascertain if the information is being learned
Online help system that demonstrates the functionality of the IMS
of or relating to tutors or tutoring; "tutorial sessions"
An instructional program that presents new information to the student efficiently and provides practice exercises based on that information A lesson design used to teach an entire concept Interactive instruction that asks questions based on the information presented, requests student responses, and evaluates student responses It is self-paced, accommodates a variety of users, and generally involves some questioning, branching, and options for review
A series of lessons, online or on CD-ROM that can help a user learn to use a specific program or database
A tutorial is a connected series of test cases that lead the user through the key features of the software Through the process of following the tutorial, the user learns how to use the software Providing a tutorial in the User Manual is highly recommended
Step-by-step instructions for using a program to perform a task or function
Instructional book or program that takes the user through a prescribed sequence of steps in order to learn a software product
A program that forces you to sit through lessons on every last obscure and little-used feature of an application while ignoring overall fundamental tricks that would make you far more productive
a session of intensive tuition given by a tutor to an individual or to a small number of students of or relating to tutors or tutoring; "tutorial sessions
A small class usually held in conjunction with a series of lectures Often material covered in the lectures is also covered in the tutorials
a set of lessons that walks you through the use of hardware or software
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a component of a course, which may be optional
CAI intended to teach concepts to the learner which the learner does not yet know
by tutorials; in a tutorial manner; "undergraduates are better taught tutorially
Tutorials are sessions that are held to supplement the information encountered in regular classes
Many free software tutorials are available on the web Examples include Computer Arts and Teacher PD com and About com and Tutorial Find Looking for a Dreamweaver 3 tutorial pdf to download? See also Virtual Dr Free tutorials and quizzes for IT teachers and students can be found at W3 Schools
Tutorials provide assistance for the student General tutorials provide an example of how to work a particular exercise Context-specific tutorials explain a specific step in an exercise
A way of discussing an already prepared topic on a small group
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A lesson, or series of lessons, that are intended to develop a skill that users can immediately use The lessons are taken asynchronously; that is, all of the learning content is available online Learners can take it at their convenience



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    /to͞oˈtôrēəl/ /tuːˈtɔːriːəl/


    [ tü-'tOr-E-&l, tyü ] (adjective.) 1822. From Latin tutorius, with -ial suffix.


    ... could do a makeup tutorial. ...

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