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An incompetent or clumsy person
A cattle thief; one who alters the brands of cattle
A pedlar or hawker, especially one selling cheap or substandard goods
A player having little skill, especially a golfer who duffs
Comparative form of duff: more duff
Cheap or substandard goods sold by a duffer
One who duffs cattle, etc
a cattle thief, one who alters the brands of cattle
an incompetent or clumsy person; "as a golfer he was only a duffer
anybody who can beat you three times in a row
(also "hacker") an unskilled golfer Example: I could have been a contender, if only I wasn't a duffer/hacker
disapproval If you describe someone as a duffer, you mean that they are very bad at doing something. someone who is stupid or not very good at something (Perhaps from doofart )
In the vernacular of Canoe Country, the third person in a canoe One who sits on one's "duff" while one's partners do the paddling Great work if you can get it
British colloquial expression for an incompetent, awkward, or stupid person
an incompetent or clumsy person; "as a golfer he was only a duffer"
comparative of duff
A stupid, awkward, inefficient person
A peddler or hawker, especially of cheap, flashy articles, as sham jewelry; hence, a sham or cheat
(aka: "hacker") an unskilled golfer
(B) a poor player
A slang term for a very poor player Also called woodpusher, patzer
(A) now means a person easily bamboozled, one of slow wit; but originally it meant one who cheated or bamboozled To duff =to cheat Persons who sell inferior goods as "great bargains," under the pretence of their being smuggled, are duffers; so are hawkers generally At the close of the eighteenth century passers of bad money were so called Now the word is applied to persons taken in, and by artists to inferior pictures "Robinson a thorough duffer is " Alexander Smith: Summer Idyll Duglas the scene of four Arthurian battles It is a river which falls into the Ribble Mr Whittaker says, "six cwt of horse-shoes were taken up from a space of ground near the spot during the formation of a canal "
Any common domestic pigeon
mediocre golfer
{i} failure, loser, incompetent person; clumsy person; dunce, person who is not intelligent; (Slang) something that is worthless or useless (Archaic); peddler of worthless goods
plural of duffer



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    /ˈdəfər/ /ˈdʌfɜr/


    [ 'd&-f&r ] (noun.) 1756. perhaps from duff, n., something worthless.

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