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Someone who has left an educational institution without completing the course

The politicians of the world are mere political university dropouts.

someone who quits school before graduation
{i} withdrawing from school or from a course prior to completion; student who quits school before completing his studies; short pause in sound transmission in a web phone call due to data loss (Telecommunications)
An image with black and white areas only and no intermediate gray tones Usually made by using high-contrast lith film
someone who withdraws from a social group or environment
The term dropout refers to an event, such a leaving school before graduating; or a status, such as an individual who is not in school and is not a graduate A person who drops out of school may later return and graduate At the time the person has left school, he/she is called a dropout At the time the person returns to school, he/she is called a stopout Measures to describe these behaviors include event dropout, status dropout rate, and high school completion rate
In wireless microphones, a loss of RF signal which results in loss of audio or audio that is noticeably noisy Also refers to a small physical area where there is insufficient RF signal present to obtain satisfactory wireless operation Dropouts are normally caused by multipath or signal blockage due to some type of obstruction
Any discrete variation in signal level during the reproduction of recorded data which results in a data-reduction error
someone who quits school before graduation someone who withdraws from a social group or environment
The loss of data from one or more scan lines
As of the 1995-96 school year, the definition changed to reflect the following October 1 to October 1 standard established by the NCES: a dropout is an individual in grades 7-12 who was enrolled in public school at some time during the previous school year, and (1) Was not enrolled by October 1 of the current school year; (2) Has not graduated from high school or completed a state- or district-approved education program (3) Does not meet any of the following exclusionary conditions: (a) transfer to another public school district, home school, private school, or state- or district-approved educational program; (b) temporary absence due to suspension or school-approved illness; or (c) death
Significant loss of signal amplitude capable of affecting data and servo accuracy, usually related to a physical defect
A discrete voltage loss A voltage sag (complete or partial) for a very short period of time (milliseconds) constitutes a dropout
Halftone dots or fine lines eliminated from highlights by overexposure during camera work
A student is identified as a dropout if the individual is absent without an approved excuse or documented transfer and does not return to school by the fall of the following year, or if he or she completes the school year but fails to re-enroll the following school year Not all school leavers are dropouts; the reasons reported by districts for the students' departures are the primary determinants of whether any given student's PEIMS "leaver record" will be included in the dropout count
  The total number of students in grades 9 through 12 who dropped out of school during the school year and previous summer divided by the average enrollment in the given reporting year and following school year   NOTE:   This percentage reflects the dropout rate from the school year prior to the reporting year
Loss of equipment operation due to noise, sag, or interruption A discrete voltage loss Or a voltage sag (complete or partial) for a very short period of time (milliseconds)
The minimum voltage difference between input and output of a regulator
Any student, grades nine through 12, who leaves school for any reason, except death, before graduation or completion of a program of studies and who does not transfer to another school
An imperfection in the stripe leading to a variation in output The most common dropouts take the form of surface imperfections, consisting of oxide agglomerates, imbedded foreign matter, or redeposited wear products
Loss of part of a recorded video or audio signal, showing up as glitches on playback Can be caused by damaged record heads, dirty tapes or heads, etc
A student who leaves school before graduation or completion of a program of study for any reason except death or transfer to another school Students drop out of school for many reason¾ academic failure, discipline problems, employment, illness, marriage, family instability, and/or dislike of school
Drop in the playback radio frequency level, resulting from an absence of oxide on a portion of the videotape, causing no audio or video information to be stored there Dropout usually appears as a quick streak in the video
dropout percentage
percentage of people who leave school before completing their studies
dropout rate
 SEQ CHAPTER \h \r 1 The number of dropouts in grades 7-12 divided by the total enrolled in those grades as of October 1 Technically, this is a "single year event" dropout rate; it is the proportion of students who leave school without completing the grade during a specific one year period
dropout rate
The report shows what percent of grade 7-12 students dropped out in the 1999–2000 school year and what percent of students dropped out in the 1998–99 school year The dropout rate standards for the school accountability rating are
dropout rate
proportion of students consisting of those who leave school during the school year and those who complete the year level but fail to enroll in the next year level the following school year, to the total number of students enrolled during the previous school year This measure is computed for every year level except for Grade I of the elementary level and First Year of the secondary level
dropout rate
Percent of students dropping out in Grades 7-12 from October of one school year through October of the next school year (Annual Dropout and October 1 Enrollment Reports)
dropout rate
The percentage of students that leave high school before receiving their diploma Students who transfer to a non-public high school or to a public high school in another state are not counted as a dropout
dropout rate
This figure represents the projected 4-year dropout rate as a measure of the cumulative proportion of the ninth grade class that would drop out prior to graduation if that year’s grade specific dropout rate were to remain constant over the four years
the slots in the fork and rear triangle that the axle of the wheel mount to
are persons 16 to 24 years old who are not enrolled in school and who have not completed high school People who have received high school equivalency credentials are counted as having completed high school
Those black or white streaks, spots, and comets zipping across the screen We count as dropouts any loss of playback signal that is 20 decibels or more below the nominal playback level (16 decibels for extra high-grade and 8mm tapes) and lasting for 15 microseconds or longer (about one quarter of one horizontal scan on the TV screen)
Where the wheel is connected to the frame
Students who lack interest in an activity or who fail to be motivated to complete it
the slots in the frame and forks where the wheel axles sit
Characters (or packets) lost in data transmission for some reason
This does not refer to tattooed downhillers who found sixth grade too tough Dropouts are the little metal tabs on your frame and fork that keep your wheels where they should be There are several kinds of dropouts available at the moment Standard dropouts are found on most cross country bikes and forks QR20 dropouts and RockShox Tulio dropouts, which are much bigger and heavier than standard dropouts and therefore stronger, may be appropriate for the downhill and freeriding crowd Forks, Hubs and Skewes designed for one system will not be compatible with any other Whenever you put your wheels back on a bike, always check the quick release skewers are seated properly in the dropouts and done up tightly If you ever spin a wheel and it rubs hard against a brake block, check that the skewer is properly seated in the dropout before adjusting the brakes It's quite easy to get the standard ones in slightly squint