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Englisch - Türkisch
aşırı sevg
i dotard bunak kimse
(Tıp) İleri yaşlılık sebebiyle oluşan, yanlış hatırlama v.s. ile belrigin hafıza zayıflığı, bunaklık
{i} tutku
{i} ihtiyarlık
{i} bunama
{i} düşkünlük
in one's dotage
be in one's dotage
yaşlanıp çocuk gibi olmak
be in one's dotage
Englisch - Englisch
Fondness or attentiveness, especially to an excessive degree

DON PEDRO: In every thing but in loving Benedick. . . . I would she had bestowed this dotage on me.

Decline in judgment and other cognitive functions, associated with aging; senility

More care! said the old man. . . . There were in his face marks of deep and anxious thought which convinced me that he could not be, as I had been at first inclined to suppose, in a state of dotage or imbecility.

{n} a loss of understanding, over-fondness
Feebleness or imbecility of understanding or mind, particularly in old age; the childishness of old age; senility; as, a venerable man, now in his dotage
If someone is in their dotage, they are very old and becoming weak. Even in his dotage, the Professor still sits on the committee. in your dotage in your old age (dote (13-19 centuries))
Excessive fondness; weak and foolish affection
Foolish utterance; drivel
mental infirmity as a consequence of old age; sometimes shown by foolish infatuations
a feeble and aging mind; senility
{i} senility, impaired intellect as a result of old age; infatuation; act of doting on someone or something