dip into

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Englisch - Türkisch
göz atmak
çok masrafa girmek
gözden geçirmek

Beklenmedik sağlık giderlerini ödemek için tasarruflarımızı gözden geçirmek zorunda kaldık. - We had to dip into our savings in order to pay the unexpected medical expenses.

dip into a book
bir kitabı gözden geçirmek
dip into one's purse
çok masrafa girmek
to dip into reserves
rezervler göz atmak için
dip deep into the past
geçmişe göz atmak
dip deep into the past
maziye bakmak
Englisch - Englisch
To spend some of one's savings

Dip the teabag into the cup.

To read parts of something

Dip into a nice book.

read selectively; read only certain passages from a text
dip into a book
{f} read parts of a book, read superficially
dip into one's purse
waste one's money, take money out of one's savings
dip a toe into
To enter or get involved in tentatively and for the first time

Surabaya's crumbling old town is the best place to dip a toe into the city's soul.

a sketched or painted (as opposed to engraved) inscription
dip one's toe into
(Ev ile ilgili) 1. Put one’s toe briefly in (water), typically to check the temperature.2. Begin to do or test (something) cautiously
dip deep into
thoroughly examine, investigate in depth
dip deep into the future
{f} go deeply into and search with regard to the future
dip into