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Englisch - Türkisch
yemek ye

Ben çeşitli vesilelerle Chuck's Diner'da yemek yedim. - I have eaten at Chuck's Diner on several occasions.

Kızma, amca. Gel! Yarın bizimle yemek ye. - Don't be angry, uncle. Come! Dine with us tomorrow.

yemek vermek
akşam yemeği yemek

İyi bir şarap menüleri olsa bile, burada akşam yemeği yemek istemeyeceğim. - Even if they have a good wine menu, I will not want to dine here.

wine and dine bir kimseye içkili ziyafet vermek
dine out dışarıda yemek yemek
{f} ziyafet vermek
{f} akşam yemeği vermek
{f} ağırlamak
dining ro
{f} günün esas yemeğini yemek
{f} akşam yemeğini yemek
günün esas yemeğini yemek veya yedirmek
dining hall yemek salonu
{f} yemeğe davet etmek, yemek vermek
dining car vagon restoran
yemek yemek

Onunla yemek yemek için bir randevum var. - I have an appointment to dine with him.

Rezervasyon olmadan bu restoranda yemek yemek imkansız. - It's impossible to dine at this restaurant without reservations.

dine in
içeride yemek ye
dine out
akşam yemeğini dışarıda yemek
dine out
dışarıda yemek ye
dine in
evde akşam yemeği yemek
dine in
içeride yemek yemek
dine off
yemek (yemekte)
dine on
yemek (yemekte)
dine out
dışarıda akşam yemeği yemek
dine out
akşam yemeğine çıkmak
dine out
(Fiili Deyim ) akşam yemeğini dışarda yemek , evde yememek
dine out
dışarıda yemek yemek. dining car vagon restoran. dining hall yemek salonu. dining room yemek odası
yemek yiyerek
akşam yemeği yeme

Birlikte dışarıda akşam yemeği yemeye ne diyorsun? - What do you say to dining out together?

{f} yemek ye

Bu gece dışarıda yemek yemeye ne dersin? - What do you say to dining out tonight?

Yemek yerken işten bahsetme. - Don't talk about business while we're dining.

wine and dine
yedirip içir

Yemek arabası nerede? - Where's the dining car?

Yemek odası şimdi açık mı? - Is the dining room open now?

fine dine
kaliteli yemek
what time can i dine
akşam yemeğini ne zaman yiyebilirim
wine and dine
-e ziyafet vermek
wine and dine
(deyim) lokantada yiyip icmek
wine and dine smb
wine and dine smb
yedirip içirmek
Türkisch - Türkisch
Konak yeri
Konaklama yeri
Konaklama yeri: "İsmini duyduklarımızın, bildiklerimizin kimi çayımdan, kimi dinemden geçti."- F. R. Atay
Englisch - Englisch
to eat; to eat dinner or supper
{v} to eat or give a dinner
{n} a dinner
To give a dinner to; to furnish with the chief meal; to feed; as, to dine a hundred men
To dine upon; to have to eat
give dinner to; host for dinner; "I'm wining and dining my friends"
have supper; eat dinner; "We often dine with friends in this restaurant"
(To) Qui dort dine The seven sleepers and others required no food till they woke from their long sleep The same may be said of all hibernating animals To dine with Democritos To be cheated out of one's dinner Democritos was the derider or philosopher who laughed at men's folly To dine with Sir Thomas Gresham To go without one's dinner; to be dinnerless; Sir Thomas Gresham founded the Royal Exchange which was a favourite lounge for those who could not afford to provide themselves with a dinner To dine with Duke Humphrey (See Humphrey ) To dine with Mahomet To die and dine in paradise To dine with the cross-legged knights (See next column Dinnerless )
give dinner to; host for dinner; "I'm wining and dining my friends" have supper; eat dinner; "We often dine with friends in this restaurant
have supper; eat dinner; "We often dine with friends in this restaurant
{f} eat dinner; give a dinner for
To eat the principal regular meal of the day; to take dinner
(Gen 43: 16) It was the custom in Egypt to dine at noon But it is probable that the Egyptians took their principal meal in the evening, as was the general custom in the East (Luke 14: 12)
When you dine, you have dinner. He dines alone most nights They used to enjoy going out to dine. to wine and dine: see wine. American artist noted for his autobiographical paintings and sculptures of everyday objects such as tools and bathrobes. to eat dinner (diner, from disjejunare )
dine at the Y
To perform cunnilingus
dine in
eat in: eat at home
dine out
eat at a restaurant or at somebody else's home
dine out
eat at a restaurant
dine with duke humphrey
have no dinner to eat or go to (named for the avenue in London where Duke Humphrey Gluster is buried)
Simple past tense and past participle of dine
Eating dinner as a social function
Present participle of dine
wine and dine
To eat lavishly
wine and dine
To entertain someone to a fine meal
Jim Dine
a US painter who was a leader of the pop art movement (1935- )
past of dine
{i} eating, supping, meal
from Dine, a
Entertaining someone to dinner
the act of eating dinner
wine and dine
eat sumptuously; "we wined and dined in Paris"
wine and dine
provide with food and drink, usually lavishly
wine and dine
provide with food and drink, usually lavishly eat sumptuously; "we wined and dined in Paris
Türkisch - Englisch

Definition von dine im Türkisch Englisch wörterbuch

dine aykırı
dine dayalı yönetim
(Politika, Siyaset) theocracy
dine geçirme
dine hakaret suçu
(Kanun) blasphemous libel
dine karşı olan
dine karşı olma
dine küfreden
dine küfretme

Blasphemy is a victimless crime. - Dine küfretmek kurbansız bir suçtur.

dine saygısız
dine zıt düşme