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To deal with, handle
To dispose, put (in a given state or condition)
To furnish, equip

And at the last he entryd in to a chambyr that was merueillously wel dyzte and rychely, and a bedde arayed with clothe of gold .

To dress, array; to adorn

Right against the eastern gate, / Where the great sun begins his state, / Robed in flames, and amber light, / The clouds in thousand liveries dight .

To compose, make
To have sexual intercourse with
To make ready, prepare
{v} to dress, deck, adorn, trim
1. (adjective - archaic) clothed or equipped. 2. (verb - literary) make ready; prepare. 3. (verb - Scottish & N. English) wipe clean or dry
To dress; adorn
{f} (Archaic) adorn, decorate; dress up a person
To prepare; to put in order; hence, to dress, or put on; to array; to adorn
To prepare; to dress, array and put on things; to adorn



    [ 'dIt ] (transitive verb.) 13th century. Old English dihtan, from Latin dictāre. Compare dictate; and also parallele formations in German dichten, Dutch dichten, Swedish dikta.


    dighting, dighted

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