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Englisch - Türkisch
faydasız kişi veya şey
kurumuş dallar veya ağaçlar
değersiz malzeme
have the deadwood on so.
böylece Deadwood var
Englisch - Englisch
money not realized by exiting a winning pump trade too early
people judged to be superfluous to an organization or project
coarse woody debris
a city in the Black Hills of South Dakota. It is well known for its part in the history of the American Old West. Wild Bill Hickok, a skilled gunfighter, was shot here in 1876. Both he and Calamity Jane, a woman famous for her skill in shooting, are buried in Deadwood
Dead trees or branches; useless material
a branch or a part of a tree that is dead
A mass of timbers built into the bow and stern of a vessel to give solidity
{i} dead branches on a tree, dead wood or branches; useless material