dead set

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Englisch - Englisch
unswervingly dedicated; resolutely determined

The governor is dead set against the concealed weapons permit legislation and will veto it even if it costs her the re-election.

By extension, a determined effort

I might not graduate first in my class, but I'll make a dead set at it.

The rigid pose a hunting dog assumes when pointing out game to a hunter

The judge at the dog show took points off the Irish setter's dead set because its right ear twitched a few times.

{i} firm decision; planned attack; motionless position of a hunting dog
fixed in your purpose; "bent on going to the theater"; "dead set against intervening"; "out to win every event"
dead set against
Completely opposed, with no possibility of a change of mind

I am dead set against letting the dog sleep in anyone's bedroom.

dead set against
{s} determined and firmly resolved not to do something
dead sets
plural form of dead set
Alternative spelling of dead set
make a dead set at
make a calculated attack on, make a planned assault on
dead set