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A posture or gesture of shrinking or recoiling

He glanced with a cringe at the mess on his desk.

To bow or crouch in servility

Leclere was bent on the coming of the day when Batard should wilt in spirit and cringe and whimper at his feet.

A crick
To shrink, tense or recoil, as in fear, disgust or embarrassment

But he made no whimper. Nor did he wince or cringe to the blows. He bored straight in, striving, without avoiding a blow, to beat and meet the blow with his teeth.

{n} a low bow, mean reverence, servility
{v} to bow, fawn, flatter, contract, shrink
{f} flinch, shrink back, recoil (in surprise or fright); grovel
If you cringe at something, you feel embarrassed or disgusted, and perhaps show this feeling in your expression or by making a slight movement. Molly had cringed when Ann started picking up the guitar Chris had cringed at the thought of using her own family for publicity I cringed in horror. = recoil
To draw one's self together as in fear or servility; to bend or crouch with base humility; to wince; hence, to make court in a degrading manner; to fawn
To contract; to draw together; to cause to shrink or wrinkle; to distort
To shrink or recoil, as in fear, disgust or embarrassment
show submission or fear
Servile civility; fawning; a shrinking or bowing, as in fear or servility
draw back, as with fear or pain; "she flinched when they showed the slaughtering of the calf"
A person who cringes or shies away
One who cringes
plural of cringe
present participle of cringe
{i} crouching or bending in fear or servility; act of cringing
totally submissive