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Englisch - Türkisch
denge unsuru
denge ağırlığı
karşı ağırlık
denge sağlamak için kullanılan ağırlık
counterweight tower
(İnşaat) Karşı ağırlık kulesi
Englisch - Englisch
A heavy mass of often iron or concrete, mechanically linked in opposition to a load which is to be raised and lowered, with the intent of reducing the amount of work which must be done to effect the raising and lowering. Counterweights are used, for example, in cable-hauled elevators and some kinds of movable bridges (e.g. a bascule bridge)
To fit with a counterweight
an equivalent counterbalancing weight constitute a counterweight or counterbalance to
a weight used to counterbalance the weight of a movable part such as a bascule leaf or a vertical-lift span
A counterweight is an action or proposal that is intended to balance or counter other actions or proposals. His no-inflation bill serves as a useful counterweight to proposals less acceptable to the Committee
constitute a counterweight or counterbalance to
Device for balancing the weight of scenery in a system which allows scenery to be raised above the stage by means of ropes and pulleys
a weight which is used to balance the weight of a movable member; in bridge applications counterweights are used to balance a movable span so that it rotates or lifts with minimum resistance
{i} counterbalancing weight
In the context of a steam locomotive, the solid weights on the drive wheels which offset the weight of the engine's crank pins and drive rods
Weights, usually flame cut steel, that are placed in counterweight arbors to balance the weight of loads hung on battens
a weight which counterbalances the weight of an elevator car plus approximately 40 percent of the capacity load
cylindric weight with adjustable position on the counterweight carrier controls the tonearm's balance and the phono cartridge's tracking force
an equivalent counterbalancing weight
(n) Weights, usually flame cut steel or cast iron, that are placed in counterweight arbors to balance the weight of loads hung on battens (v) The act of adding or removing weight from a set in order to achieve a balanced system
A factor, but not a bias, that serves as a means of aligning a production prover to a gas company reference standard
plural of counterweight