cop out

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To avoid or shirk, either by failing to perform, or by performing in a grossly insufficient, negligent, or superficial manner

Faced with the prospect of cooking for himself, his first thought was to cop out and order a pizza.

Not do something that you intended to do, because you do not feel brave enough, strong enough etc
(noun) an instance of avoiding a commitment or responsibility
(verb) Avoid doing something that one ought to do
choose not to do something, as out of fear of failing; "She copped out when she was supposed to get into the hang glider"
evade a problem, avoid a difficult situation; renege on a commitment, neglect a duty
Avoidance or inadequate performance of a task or duty; the action of copping out

His disappearance on the day of the audition was just a cop-out.

An excuse made in order to avoid performing a task or duty; a reason offered when someone cops out

It was a cop-out to say he couldn't sign the petition because he sprained his wrist.

A person who cops out

He's always a cop-out when there's hard work to be done.

disapproval If you refer to something as a cop-out, you think that it is a way for someone to avoid doing something that they should do. To decline to vote is a cop-out The film's ending is an unsatisfactory cop-out. something you do or say in order to avoid doing or accepting something
alternative spelling of cop-out
a failure to face some difficulty squarely
cop out