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The set of all real numbers and, more generally, a compact connected metric space
A continuous series or whole, no part of which is noticeably different from its adjacent parts, although the ends or extremes of it are very different from each other
A touch sensitive strip, similar to a standard electronic musical keyboard, except that the note steps are 1⁄100 of a semitone, and so are not separately marked
is a checklist of skills/behaviors arranged in a developmental order
Illustrates the concept that a person's health status shifts back and forth during a lifetime
A touch sensitive strip, similar to a standard electronic musical keyboard, except that the note steps are 1/100th of a semitone, and so are not separately marked
(1) atomic: the continuous spectral region toward the violet, adjacent to the head of a series limit of an atom's spectral lines (2) Space: the space-time environment in four dimensional space
Optical radiation arising from broadband emission from the photosphere
The numerical continuum is the series of real numbers; the linear continuum is the series of points on a geometrical line
{i} continuous sequence, connected series
(con TIN u um) A diagram that illustrates degrees of difference between two extremes For example, a continuum might show degrees of heights between the shortest and the tallest objects such as mountains, buildings, trees, or whatever is being measured
a collection of points, such that between any two points there are distinct points Classical examples of a continuum are a line, plane or space
Bulletin board program that ran on Multics in the late 70s Supported threaded discussions on multiple topics, like "a one-node version of netnews " Written by USGS employee Pat Doherty Picked up by Site SA Mike Auerbach and installed on System M to coordinate MRDS changes in response to the EOP procurement Ancestor of forum
The continuum is a transfinite number representing the cardinality of the real numbers If Cantor's Continuum Hypothesis is true, then the continuum is equivalent to aleph one
A continuity and consistency of care information to family, professionals, and community resources
a continuous nonspatial whole or extent or succession in which no part or portion is distinct of distinguishable from adjacent parts
1: the mixtureof a space (field) and charge (field) 2: a universal sea of charged space
(pronounce: kon-tih-new-um) continuum = [Latin] something without breaks The continuum is the name astronomers use for the combination of all colors that an object such as the Sun emits, and also for the broad variation from color to color in how much light is emitted Broad means: without looking at the little details, such as spectral lines The continuum is determined mostly by the temperature of the object The hotter the object is, the brighter it shines The color at which an object shines brightest also depends on the temperature Hot objects such as the Sun shine brightest in yellow light; less hot objects shine most in red light, and cool objects shine brightest in (invisible) infrared light The full-disk continuum image is an example of an image observed in the continuum For more information, see the Light page of Mr Sunspot's Answer Book
A continuum is a set of things on a scale, which have a particular characteristic to different degrees. These various complaints are part of a continuum of ill-health. continuums continua a scale of related things on which each one is only slightly different from the one before
  n 1 A continuous extent, succession, or whole, no part of which can be distinguished from neighboring parts except by arbitrary division **
continuum hypothesis
The hypothesis which states that any infinite subset of ℝ must have the cardinality of either the set of natural numbers or of ℝ itself
dialect continuum
A range of dialects that vary slightly by region, so that the further apart two regions are, the more the language differs
generalized continuum hypothesis
The hypothesis that, for each ordinal \alpha, there is no cardinal number strictly between \aleph_\alpha and 2^{\aleph_\alpha}, i.e. 2^{\aleph_\alpha}=\aleph_{\alpha+1}
language continuum
A situation where two or more languages in the same geographic region merge together without a definable boundary
plural of continuum
space time continuum
coordinate system having four dimensions and used in the Theory of Relativity



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    /kənˈtənyo͞oəm/ /kənˈtɪnjuːəm/


    [ k&n-'tin-yü-&m ] (noun.) 1646. From Latin continuum, neuter form of continuus from contineō (“contain, enclose”)


    ... wrong.  There is something beyond type three, and that is the continuum."  And then I said ...
    ... gods.  And in fact, they get their energy from the continuum.  What is the continuum? ...

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