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A rounded mass of a mineral, sometimes found in sedimentary rock or on the ocean floor

Of the three beds, the central one is the most compact, and more like ordinary sandstone: it includes numerous flattened spherical concretions.

A solid, hard mass formed by a process of aggregation or coalescence
The process of aggregating or coalescing into a mass
The action of making something concrete or the result of such an action

My new statue! said Kenyon. . . . It is the concretion of a good deal of thought, emotion, and toil of brain and hand..

{n} an union of various parts, a mass
the process of coalescing into a mass
A lump of rock that usually houses a fossil
The process of concreting; the process of uniting or of becoming united, as particles of matter into a mass; solidification
the formation of stonelike objects within a body organ (e g , the kidneys)
(i) A cemented concentration of a chemical compound, such as calcium carbonate or iron oxide, that can be removed from the soil intact and that has crude internal symmetry organized around a point, line, or plane (ii) (micromorphological) A glaebule with a generally concentric fabric about a center which may be a point, line, or a plane
Spherical to elliptical nodules, harder than the surrounding rock, formed by accumulation of mineral matter (example - iron oxide) after deposition of sedimentary rock
the kidneys
a clot; a lump; a calculus
the union of diverse things into one body or form or group; the growing together of parts
A mass or nodule of solid matter formed by growing together, by congelation, condensation, coagulation, induration, etc
the formation of stonelike objects within a body organ e
A hard round, oval, or other-shaped of mass of mineral or aggregate matter of varying sizes Commonly forms by chemical precipitation around a nucleus or center, or replacement of precursor organic or inorganic material An example is siderite (iron, calcium carbonate) concretions
A mass of mineral matter, often rounded, found in sedimentary rock It is harder than its surrounding rock
A local concentration of chemical compounds (e g calcium carbonate, iron oxide) in the form of a grain or nodule of varying size, shape, hardness, and color Concretions of significance in hydric soils are usually iron and/or manganese oxides occurring at or near the soil surface, which develop under conditions of prolonged soil saturation
A rounded mass or nodule produced by an aggregation of the material around a center; as, the calcareous concretions common in beds of clay
{i} state of being concrete; act of concreting; hard inorganic mass formed in the body
any solid, hard mass
a hard lump produced by the concretion of mineral salts; found in hollow organs or ducts of the body; "renal calculi can be very painful"
an increase in the density of something
Composed of concretions
Pertaining to, or formed by, concretion or aggregation; producing or containing concretions
{s} formed by aggregation; of or producing or containing concretions
plural of concretion