common ground

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Englisch - Türkisch
(deyim) ortak nokta
(Ticaret) ortak düzlem
ortak bir zevk, görüş, tutku v.b.: There's no common ground between them. Onların hiçbir ortak yanı yok
uyuşma temeli
(Politika Siyaset) ortak payda
common ground for discussion
(Politika, Siyaset) tartışmanın ortak paydası
common ground station; continental United States ground station
(Askeri) ortak yer istasyonu; Kıta Amerikası yer istasyonu
meet on a common ground
asgari müşterekte birleşmek
meet on a common ground
ortak noktada birleşmek
find common ground
ortak zemin bulmak
meet on a common ground
ortak müşterekte birleşmek
Englisch - Englisch
A characteristic or interest shared by multiple people or systems

The first thing to do is to find common ground with the person you just met.

Also known as co-orientation, it is the degree to which the speaker's values, beliefs, attitudes, and interests are shared with the audience; an aspect of credibility (See 378)
shared interest, shared concern; common denominator
These were two conferences, the first held at Carleton College, MN and the second held at Bowdoin College, ME, which brought youth and adults from across the country together to recreate continental youth programs after it was determined that LRY was no longer viable The conferences were called for by the SCOYP report and ultimately put together by Wayne Arnason
A foundation for mutual understanding: "The leaders failed to find common ground on the defensive side of this possible bargain" (McGeorge Bundy)
In model railroading, the use of a single wire to complete a circuit for numerous track sections or accessories Eliminates the need for a large number of "ground" wires, one for each accessory or track
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a basis agreed to by all parties for reaching a mutual understanding
Same as chassis ground
common ground


    com·mon ground

    Türkische aussprache

    kämın graund


    /ˈkämən ˈground/ /ˈkɑːmən ˈɡraʊnd/


    [ 'kä-m&n ] (adjective.) 13th century. Middle English commun, from Old French, from Latin communis; more at MEAN.


    ... but because there's common ground. ...

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